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  1. Surfcasting Central
    Hey all I was able to get a house in the bar harbor area right on the beach. Private ect. I am taking my Surf rods. Can anyone give me a few pointers on type of bait in this area. I am bringing my boys and I want to make sure they catch a good size fish. This will be the first week in July. Even...
  2. The Striper Forum
    I can never seem to anchor my 18' trophy on the oyster bars in the middle Chesapeake, does anyone have anysuggestions on what kind of anchor I should use?
  3. Maine
    I will be staying in Bar Harbor, ME from July 17-24. I have never fished this area and would like some general info on public access to surf/rock areas that may be holding stripers and also some suggestions of locally proven methodologies to hook up during this period. I understand July is an...
  4. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    I used bar and chain oil for reel lube. It seems like a good oil. Has anyone else tried it? It's kind of thick, but the reel feels smooth.
  5. The Sports Bar
    1. Who was the first player to score an NFL touchdown and hit a major league home run in the same week? A. Bo Jackson B. Deon Sanders C. John Elway D. Chris weinke2. Which of the following NFL superstars did not spend time in the late USFL. A. Doug Flutie B. Jim Kelly C. Joe Montana D...
  6. Maine
    Howdy all, quick question. I'm heading out early in the AM for a weekend up in the Bar Harbor area (Birch Harbor). What can anyone tell me about the fishing up there? Too cold? Wrong time of year? I'm going to bring the equipment along whereas our campground (Ocean Wood Campground...if you're...
  7. Massachusetts
    Hi Everybody, Will be spending the ca. 2 weeks visiting a friend in Franklin Me and wondered if anyone has some suggestions on places nearby to shore fish? Thought some places off rocks on Mt Desert Island might be worth a try and/or the east shore of the penobscott river? Also bait shops in...
  8. Massachusetts
    I'm heading up to Bar Harbor in late Sept for a week of camping with the family and dogs. Has anyone fished up there in late Sept? I would love to do some fishing while I'm there. Thanks
  9. Kayaking Stripers
    I drove past Faun Bar on Sunday morning, and who do I see...but a flotilla of yaks... I could see the Riddler, but he was up shallow so I didn't risk my lower unit ot go say hello... I drove right past Lefty (I think)... Cool to see ya'll out there :D Anyone get fish? I could only find...
  10. Rhode Island Fishing
    Just finished my last final at URI and im going home tommorow. (to long island) Today is my last day fishing in Rhode Island this school year. Me and my friend are gonna try wading out to carpenters bar at Matunuck today. Havent decided on Bait yet, but i will post a report after.
  11. Kayaking Stripers
    Quick question for you Riddler...My boat is out of Crystal Cove and I started trolling Faun Bar seems like you have great success on the bar and in the surrounding area. I can't seem to find alot of fish with a tube n' worm, even with all the hype going 'round. What areas do you...
  12. Kayaking Stripers
    Launched from D.I. and trolled right away with the tube. I found schoolies with some keepers in the mix out to the beginning of the Bar. Worked this area for an hour. I worked both sides of the bar next and got nothing. Two hours after high tide was not busy today. It got better the lower the...
1-13 of 15 Results