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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello to everyone here in this forum. Im new to striper fishing and this looks like a great site/forum to figure out how to catch stripers in the California Aqueduct.
  2. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    Hello, I'm 25 years old and a lifelong fisherman. I'm from Santa Paula and have been fishing the waters of Ventura County. Anyways, when I was going to college at Sacramento State a few years ago I was introduced into Striper fishing (and Sturgeon) in the Delta and fell in love with it! My...
  3. The Striper Forum
    Hey just thought I'd start a thread for those fishing the kern duct to exchange some info. I've been spending a lot of time out there recently with mixed results. Anybody been out recently?
  4. The Striper Forum
    Hey everybody. Let me start off by giving you a little info about myself. I last fished the aqueduct around 2006-2008 and was hooked fishing out by the bv golf course near taft. I am moving back into the area and was thinking about trying out some lures. I wanted to ask exactly how to fish a...
  5. California Aqueduct
    Strippers were jumping left and right from 6am to 730am near the Golf Course on Hwy 119. I ended up catching 6 stripers, but only one of the 6 was legal. If you guys encounter any striper around the Taft/Maricopa area, post it on this thread to help those in need of a catch.
  6. The Striper Forum
    For those interested Bobs Bait Bucket is having a Month Long Striper derby all through August Cash Prize $100 Sign up for free at Bobs Bait Bucket then bring in your biggest fish to be weighed in by the end of the month Bobs Bait Bucket 2131 S Chester Ave Bakersfield, CA 93304-5243 (661) 833-8657
  7. California Aqueduct
    Hi All, this is my first post on this site. I would like to say hello. I am new to fishing the aqueduct, and I have caught a few stripers (very few:redbiggrin:), but I would like to hopefully start catching more. So I wanted to start this thread for people that fish the Aqueduct in the...
1-7 of 7 Results