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  1. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Hi all i am looking for a few baitrunner reels if anyone has or know of someone who has and wants to get rid of them have them contact me. they can be new or used doesnt matter to me. [email protected]
  2. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    I was thinking of picking up a baitrunner reel for Striper season. I have priced a few, and the Okuma reels are around $100 cheaper than the Shimano. Since you usually get what you pay for, I was looking for some feedback from anyone who has either of these reels, preferrably someone who has...
  3. Hudson River
    Im not sure if i can't or just do not know how to post a poll, so i"ll do it this way. I was wondering what everyones using for reels on the hudson this year. Please tell if you fish from shore or a boat. And if this is your first year with the reel or if you have been using it and would like...
  4. The Striper Forum
    Hey guys, I have a question. I usually fish with two poles on the beach. While I am plugging I set up a bunker chunker on a fishfinder rig with a 3 or a 4 oz weight. I have heard many different suggestions on how tight to set my baitrunner. Some say to set it very very loose where others...
  5. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    Trying to decide which direction on a spinning set-up, 2nd year into stripers and can use some guidance. Both are about the same price point (Shimano Baitrunner 4000D & Daiwa Sealine 4500BRi) Any pro's and con's?
  6. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    delete thread I was debating o
  7. Surfcasting Central
    I surf fish in NJ and NYC and I got a shimano baitrunner 6500. I was wondering wat rod would be a good match. My budget is 90-150. I was thinkin a Star Rod Stellar or a SC Triumph. Any ideas?
  8. Freshwater Tackle Box
    I use nothing but the Okuma line counter reels, I was just looking for some feedback from people who use spincast reels for drifting, how they set there reels up etc. You can pm if you wish. I use the 8 foot 3 ML ugly sticks, they are not stiff so its great fighting a fish, but very springy. I...
  9. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    I read alot of positive threads for the baitrunner system and bought one. I chose the 8000D due to an ocassional sturgeon hook up in the ca delta area. I still set the baitrunner system and have not had to use it yet. Am I the only live baitter out there with this happening? Or is it my style of...
  10. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    I was looking for a baitrunner 4500b before they competely disappeared from the face of the earth, as they are discontinued for the newer more expensive D models. I found this one obscure dealer that still has them in stock , A bit nervous about using them as I never heard of them but it came in...
  11. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    Just picked up this reel for some bait fishing. I've been using braid on all my plugging rods and my conventional bait rod since it came out. Should I use mono or braid on the spinning reel for bait fishing? If you use braid do you use a length of mono as a shock leader?
  12. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    I thought that Shimano made no bail kits for the baitrunners. Can anybody help me on this?
  13. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    Im not sure if i can post links but i seen the new shimano baitrunner d is now availible at cabelas...
  14. Tackle Evaluation & Product review
    I'm looking to get a new to me anyway Spinning reel. I like the Baitfeeder/Runner setups and am torn between the two. One bonus to me with the Okuma is weight being 5 to 10 oz.lighter depending on model. I also hear the Okuma drags can't be beat but Shimano is also a tried and proven product...
  15. Buy - Sell - Trade
    I've used this reel once since buying it last year. It is in excellent condition, spooled with 20# mono(Ande clear, I think?). I don't find myself floating bait much and it's too heavy to plug with. So off it goes! $60.00, a good deal IMHO!
  16. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    right now i only use an Okuma spinning reel, but im lookin for a baitrunner feature to. idk wut to look for or how good each reel is, can u guys help me. my budget is kinda tight so cant be lookin at anything to expensive I was looking at this, any thoughts...
  17. Hudson River
    First thanks for the terrific site.I stick to the Hudson section but even at that there is so many fishing variables and so much info its hard to retain it all in my head full of mush. I'm a newbie that 1st went on a charter boat last year in the Troy dam area for stripers.The reels we used...
1-18 of 35 Results