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  1. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Selling an older model Shimano Coriolis CO-200B bait casterreel. I'ts in good shape, used, some light scratches. Everything works on it.Not broking. It has super stopper anti-reverse. I will attached a picture ofthe reel at different angles. Just asking28.00 free ship. If you're interested shot...
  2. Hudson River
    Deciding to make a homemade bait tank instead of using a bucket where i have to keep changing the water, or the metal cage type where the herring get beat up when a boat or a barge goes by. Also they dont have much room to move, then I have to tie them to something so they dont float away. So...
  3. Hudson River
    Ward's Bait in Newburgh is closing down and has 50% off everything....fantastic deals and the place is loaded. Kendall Ward passed last year from esophageal cancer and his son is liquidating as the rent is too high to keep the place going. He is not always there so call. 1-845-518-4274...
  4. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Selling some Trout Bait. Yum Trout Krilla 2.5 oz. cans Peachy 1 can never open Orange 1 can never open Yellow 1 can never open Chartreuse 1 can was open Berkley Powerbait Trout Bait 1.8oz cans Chartreuse 1 can never open White 1 can never open Fl. Orange 5 cans never open Yellow 1 can open...
  5. Hudson River
    Just curious since I have only done the migration once and saw everybody fishing with Herring. I had to resort to cutting a couple dead ones up on the beach. Anyways I get bored just standing there so would rather as usual have one pole out and cast with the other. Is it worth it in...
  6. Hudson River
    With deep regrets Kendall Ward of Wards BT has lost his battle with cancer. Kendall was a great fisherman and resource to our fishing community. I have only know Kendal for about 6 years from his store, but he has always treated me as a friend and always shared his knowledge where the fish are...
  7. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Looking to keep some herring alive overnight at the dock in Coeymans. I have a 24 x 24 inch floating bait pen from Cabelas that I will try but it is a bit small and flimsy (I used to use it off the kayak) and I am doubtful it will work well. Any suggestions for cob-jobbing something with...
  8. Hudson River
    Does anybody know where I can buy blood worms near the croton area?
  9. Hudson River
    Just started trolling last yr had some luck can I get some insight to size of lures are commonly used I have been using between 41/2 and 51/2 rapala but purchased some bigger fatter for this yr to try any thoughts
  10. The Striper Forum
    which is better? Frozen: fresh bait frozen, then vacuum packed and frozen; when use, cut open vacuum package and thaw slowly; salted: fresh bait salt cured with non-iodized salt; freeze in package to prevent freezer burn
  11. Hudson River
    high mortality. 1 of 7 Jason Arnold / Face the facts: Most days, a frisky live bait outperforms an artificial or dead bait, whether you're targeting snook in Charlotte Harbor, sailfish off the Keys...
  12. The Striper Forum
    Hello all, I am relatively new to striper fishing on lake Cumberland, been at it for about 3 years now with a buddy and just decided to buy a boat and set it up,sooooo I jumped the gun on a bait tank and purchased a 30 gallon insulated keepalive tank and am needing to put a filter on it because...
  13. Surfcasting Central
    I was wondering, Do most surf fisherman cast plug's or soak bait. Do the times that you fish casting or soaking have something to do with it. soaking bait you can do any time, casting plugs seems a.m or p.m. is best. I do both, But favor plug's. Your thoughts.
  14. Hudson River
    Anyone know where live eels can be purchased along the Hudson River? I'm in Dutchess county, but will travel to get them, if need be. Thanks
  15. Hudson River
    Never in all the years that I've striper fished has it been this bad. I've seen plenty of cold snaps slow things down and push the herring deep. This seems to be different. Temperatures are right ...something's fishy.:navy:
  16. Hudson River
    100 gal, 2 power heads, submersible pump with biological and mechanical filter with spray bar, aquarium filter, dual aerators.. Bad ass... Really wanted it for creek chubs, golden shiners and minnows, I may test it on how well it keeps herring..
  17. Hudson River
    I'm talking northern waters here more towards troy..I've been spending hours looking into it.. Reading various DEC webpages that contradict themselves in regards to impassable barriers/ or mouths of tributaries and a lot of other Gray areas not mentioned ..Talked to people from dec.. Emailed...
  18. The Striper Forum
    In order to save $ on the cost of braided line, does it make sense, instead of spooling a reel with 300yds. of braid, use 150yds of braid and 150yds of 50# backing.I fish the Hudson River,Albany,N.Y. using Penn bait casters.
  19. Diamond Valley Lake
    Get there NOW!!! This is the finest large Striper fishing I have personally seen in the past few years. The trout plants have drawn in the big ones and it has been a great bite on the large plugs, AC Plugs, Side Swimmer 250, and BBZ are all working this past week. Fish to 23 lbs. have been taken...
  20. Maine
    What's everyone seeing for bait? Mackeral patterns have always worked well in Sept. Mackeral seem to be in short supply lately at the Cape Cod Canal. Not sure is they are getting scarce up there to. I'll be in the Wells/York area in a couple weeks. Thanks for any help.
1-20 of 364 Results