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  1. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Please note that the 2009-10 Fishing Regulations Guide is incorrect in stating that both a "Freshwater" Fishing License and a Recreational Marine Fishing License is required to fish for migratory marine species (ie. Striped Bass) below the Troy Dam. It has been recently determined that only a...
  2. Connecticut
    Does anyone have any information on Peter Lanier. He passed away more than 15 years ago. His grandaughter Kristen is looking for some information on him. Peter made cutom fishing rods for hundreds of anglers. She adds in her note that "his rods were beautiful and a true labor of love. He once...
  3. Boaters Forum
    H.R. 5949/ S, 2766 Must Pass by Sept. 30, 2008 to Avoid New Regulations on Boaters Unless Congress passes the Clean Boating Act before September 30, 2008, every recreational boater in the country will have to obtain a federal or state permit just to operate their boat. Without passage of the...
  4. Diamond Valley Lake
    We Are Heading To D.v.l. On The 14th Of Weds. We Have A Group Of Striper Hoes Who Are Bringing There Own Boats, Rentals If Available And Bunch Of Shore Fishing Guys Also. Everyone Is Welcome To Go. Come On Down And Well All Meet At The Fishin Hole.
1-4 of 25 Results