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  1. Saltwater Species
    Capt. Rick Stanczyk fished two half days today on 11/3/11. This morning had Keith Krunk down with a group also fishing Capt. Jack Backus and Capt. Ed Cale. We fished out west trying for spanish mackerels since a few have been showing up since the temperatures have dropped. Today the wind fell...
  2. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    The four footer is still swimming. but the 33&34"ers are in the bag. Used up the bait last nite [1AM] so had to get herrin in the am [7:30am] took two hours to scap 15 Got the two bass went scappin again on the high tide took 20 min. to get 200:dizzy: loaded the tanks. Went Home to have...
  3. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    California Delta's Striped Bass Under Attack by Kern County Water Agencies Posing as Environmentalists--Intervention Planned in Federal Water Case By Jerry Neuburger California Sportfishing Protection Alliance With less than a week to go before Judge Wanger's federal district court convenes...
  4. Saltwater Species
    This happens often in Florida Hammerhead attack a tarpon Video
  5. Massachusetts
    I watched the doppler radar all day yesterday, hoping to dodge the T storms and get a few hours fishing in.. Made a last minute decision to "go for it" and headed down, fueled up the boat and went out, long story short the fishing was as good as it's ever been, lots of small bait in the river...
  6. Saltwater Species
    June 10, 2005, 3:09 PM EDT SURF CITY, N.J. -- With the summer tourism season getting under way, about the worst things that could happen at the Jersey Shore are reports of a shark attack and nasty substances fouling the ocean waters and grossing out swimmers. Both happened within a few days of...
  7. New Jersey
    A friend just emailed me he was reading that the Macks were in heavy and close to shore around central NJ (LE Inlet) . I am hoping to get a chance when they pass by Rhode Island. Any of you had a chance to go out and get some ?
1-7 of 14 Results