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  1. DelMarVA
    Not much action on this board, so I thought maybe I'd start something. It was a beautiful sunny day in the OSV zone, May 2, 2016, on Assateague Island National Seashore. I set up about 3pm, in time for the moon set, about 2 hours before high tide. About 10 minutes in, I was holding one rod...
  2. DelMarVA
    :sign4:I'll be heading out to Assateague this week and I was wondering how the fishing was, and some tips/pointers for surf fishing there? -Thanks!
  3. DelMarVA
    last yr early may i did some fishing there, great spot and got a nice striped bass off the beach, thinkin of heading down sooner this yr and wonderin if any signs of stripers yet, also what will it cost me for a license thamks
  4. The Striper Forum
    anyone ever fish that area and when do things start heatin up this time of yr ?
  5. DelMarVA
    what fish can i catch in early to mid april
  6. DelMarVA
    If you all want some serious pullage from the beach, I would highly recommend giving the big reds a try... Very fun if you have the patience. 46.5" and 48" both took bunker heads.
  7. DelMarVA
    Ok, I fished from about 7am to 10am on Sat morning with only a few skates to show for my troubles. I was using fresh bunker and squid strips. Around 10 is when I decided to head into Harbor Tackle in Ocean City ( Beverly was a great help and had just want I...
  8. DelMarVA
    Maryland's Ocean City and Assateague Island surf fishing has been good as well-fed striped bass and big bluefish moved into the beach waters. The blues like finger mullet rigs, and the striped bass seem to prefer cut menhaden and artificial lures like the Hopkins metal squid and some swimming...
  9. DelMarVA
    Greetings. I fished Assateague Island this past weekend near Wallops Island and landed probably the last of the flounder for the year. The stripers are still not in yet. The water temp is still in the high 60's. low 70's. I fished from my kayak and trolled clarkspoons and picked up small...
1-9 of 9 Results