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  1. Massachusetts
    I use artificials as much as possible, but almost never catch anything pre-sunrise or post sunset, which just doesnt make sense to me. I have given it a ton of time, fished darks (as recommended) and lights, slow, fast, erratic. Those that use artificials at night, what would you throw in these...
  2. Hudson River
    Does anyone have any luck with bucktails or plugs in the south Hudson area? Looking to through a few things at em besides worms this year.
  3. The Striper Forum
    I am an avid nighttime fisherman and I was wondering what type of lures work well in the evening. I enjoy top water poppers, just not sure if they are effective at night. Please help!!!
  4. The Striper Forum
    Hey All, I'm on some pretty nice breaking fish (5-15 lbs look like, maybe larger). I beleive they are chasing small blueback herring, and they are hybrids and stripers. On occasion they will hit a creek chub strike king, but osme days they won't. The are coming up over a wide area, but...
  5. Hudson River
    Does anyone consistantly have luck for the spring run stripers casting artificial lures? I can't see how they wouldn't hit lures the same way they do at the susky flats or on cape cod, I've just never really put much effort in here on the Hudson. Usually I just catch the herring, then drift with...
  6. Trolling for Stripers
    I don't use lead line or down riggers. Now knowing that what are some of the best lures to troll? I have tried umbrella rigs and don't care for them because the grandkids can't handle them and neither do I very well.
  7. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    Early Springtime Reservoir Stripers On Artificials With water temps in the high 40s to low 50s, fishing for early springtime stripers (like so many other gamefish) downsizing is the way to start the season. For the most part stripers are shallow this time of year due to the cool water temps...
  8. Massachusetts
    I have never been ever to break the 30 inch mark on something other than bait. what am i doing wrong. I throw surface poppers. rapalas. storms. the bite just doesnt seem to be there but theyre nailing the bait so i know theyre there. any help would be appreciated. thanks, woodie
  9. Surfcasting Central
    Well, I just had a pretty good night of fishing, got out of work and headed for the beach with a frozen bunker and all the rest of my junk, and tried a new spot about a mile from my usual spot, which has not been a bunker chunk in the water with my bait rod, and attempted to...
  10. The Striper Forum
    My favorite artificial is the big old atom striper swiper and needle fish for topwater. Next is storm shad wildeye swimbaits. and for the bottom the bucktail jig. Im a relative novice at pluggin in the surf though. But I learn quick :wink: In freshwater I used spinner baits forever at...
1-10 of 10 Results