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  1. Blogs
    New blog article: Some Areas Turning On Around the Cape
  2. Massachusetts
    as schoolie sized ones? I ask because I have found some nice shorebound areas where boulders provide nice swirling eddies and backwash, and have been able to pretty much head out and catch fish until my arms hurt. However, the largest are mid 20"ers. Do I have more than a wish that larger...
  3. Massachusetts
    Hey all, going down to nausett with in the next few hours can anyone give me the low down on bait selection is it Sandeel? Mackeral? Eels? If you can give me some info thatd be great Tight Lines!
  4. Massachusetts
    I'm headed down to Truro next weekend for the week. How's Race point been? Anything happening on the bay side? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  5. Massachusetts
    Where are the best places to fish from shore for blues or stripers around Plymouth? I am brand new to Striper fishing/Blue fishing.
  6. Florida Stripers and Hybrids
    Hello. Headed to Destin, Miramar Bch area on Monday for the week for work and interested to see if there is any action this time of year in the surf, jetties, etc? Thanks in advance for any information. b
  7. Massachusetts
    Heading up that way on Friday of next week. Being new to the area i am not that sure of where to head. Any adive would be great. Thank.
  8. Massachusetts
    Folks, I am new to Boston harbor area and am intersted in some suggestion on areas that would be fruitful to try with the tube and worm. I have an outboard powered boat I keep in the Quincy area but this is my first year. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Relentless
  9. Oregon
    August 30 - NEWPORT - The sport fishery for major groundfish species will close in all saltwater areas (including fishing from shore, in estuaries and the ocean) starting Friday, Sept. 3, much earlier than originally expected. Other recreational saltwater fishing opportunities remain open. These...
1-9 of 9 Results