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  1. California Aqueduct
    helllo folks and thanks! I live in Bakersfield and there's always talk about the aqueduct at Taft. Does anybody here fish the Mettler area or how about off of Laval Rd? We usually do well there but lately......nay. Are lures the way to go or should we be using anchovies or sardines? Any input is...
  2. California Aqueduct
    I hope this can help some of you striper fisherman fishing at the Aqueducts. I've been using a planar board to troll the aqueduct lately with alot of sucess. It's a great way to catch fish in the winter time and when the bite has shut off. You can cover alot of water this way and find the...
  3. California Aqueduct
    I fish the California Aqueduct quite often and I've been noticing large schools of bait fish schooling together and then the water just explode from underneath them. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen. So my brother decided to drop his GoPro down about 2 feet and here's what he captured.
  4. The Striper Forum
    Topwater action going on at the aqueduct.
  5. The Striper Forum
    Hey just thought I'd start a thread for those fishing the kern duct to exchange some info. I've been spending a lot of time out there recently with mixed results. Anybody been out recently?
  6. California Aqueduct
    im new to the California aqueduct but where i came from and where i fish from in the delta blue gill was legal as long as you didn't transport them but does anybody know if blue gill are legal to use at the duct? im going fishing tomorrow i kinda wanted to know for my own sake dont want to get cited
  7. California Aqueduct
    Hit the duct last night with my buddy Mikey, flows were very minimal. Fished a few spots for nothing… Our 3rd stop produced 1 short strike for Mikey but no hookup : ( We fished on.. We fished HARD,,, We fished DEEP ! The…just as we were unsuspecting…. THUNK~ HOOK~uP (and...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Greetings and salutations, to all my fellow fishermen ! First off I would like to say thank you for letting join a wonderful club such as this. For the past few months I have been catching some really nice size cats in the California Aqueduct, in Hesperia CA. Now there are a lot of...
  9. California Aqueduct
    confused.gifwe just moved to Lemoore next to the Lemoore Naval air station area & we were told that we can fish the aqueduct in kettleman city or huron & was wandering how exactly do we get to the huron aqueduct fishing site is their any rules to fish the aqueduct as far as entering into the...
  10. California Aqueduct
    Strippers were jumping left and right from 6am to 730am near the Golf Course on Hwy 119. I ended up catching 6 stripers, but only one of the 6 was legal. If you guys encounter any striper around the Taft/Maricopa area, post it on this thread to help those in need of a catch.
  11. California Aqueduct
    I went to the aqueduct on mt. whitney and mt.view today and skunked on stripers, but landed a black bass on KVD red eye shad(chrome/blueback). The gates was open and the water was murky. I tried soft and hard baits but only ended up with a black bass. Does anyone know what color to use or what...
  12. California Aqueduct
    Does anyone know when the Aqueduct Gates are going to slow down its been wide open.
  13. California Aqueduct
    Had a small front move through that dropped temps by more than 10 degrees on the 15-16th so I figured I should make a run at the fish. Brought along dad and buddy of mine. Weather was low to mid 80's, clear and moderatly breezy because of the low pressure moving. Ended up w/ 8 stripers total...
  14. California Aqueduct
  15. California Aqueduct
    I was back on the fish Monday evening into Tuesday morning. Still nothing on the swimbaits, traps, or tubes. All on nightcrawlers and sandworms though. Standby for pics....:mental: 2 @ 28in. 1-9lbs 1-8lbs 1 @ 20in. 4.5lbs 2 small cats about 1.5
  16. California Aqueduct
    Hi new to the forum and have read alot of the aqueducts from you guys here, but mainly the southern ducts. Seems like you guys got some good fishing down there. Read striper bill website thanks really helpful and informitive stuff you got there. I used to live and work in the Bakersfield area...
  17. California Aqueduct
    First id like to say hello to everyone, I am a farly inexperienced angler but im trying to soak up as much as I can from various sources and just putting in as much time at the water as I can. Im new to the site so id like to say hello. Ive been trolling the NET and its hard to find info on...
  18. California Aqueduct
    Hey everyone! My names Mike and I'm new to the forum.I could really use some help.I've been fishing at the aqueduct. The area between I-15 thru Hesperia to Farmington Rd. Any reports of striper in this stretch of aqueduct? I've been using Storm wild eye chad(pearl) 1/4oz,rat-l traps 3/4oz...
1-20 of 47 Results