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  1. Albemarle Sound
    I am moving to Ecity in the next 6 weeks and looking at getting into striper fishing. I am curious if my setup will be okay for the area. I have a 19' bow rider with an I/O. The boat is setup to troll for salmon in lake Michigan with downriggers. Being new to striper fishing will the boat be...
  2. Albemarle Sound
    Had a great afternoon in the sound yesterday. Caught 14 fish but only 2 keepers one of the keepers was 28 inches.
  3. Albemarle Sound
    Anywhere from the Edenton bridge to Mann's harbor bridge...Thanks and Happy holidays!
  4. Albemarle Sound
    The sound is loaded with keeper size fat rockfish.........Maybe this report is vague enough to not get deleted!
  5. Saltwater Species
    can anyone tell me wnere to catch catfish in sound?have a 19ft c/c and house in columbia nc.
  6. New Member Introductions
    Thanks for the welcome! Can't wait to learn my way around the site and meet some new anglers. Anyone here fishing the million dollar Rockfish Challenge in Va.? I caught word of it the other day and would love to fish it if anyone needs an extra hand or if anyone knows the water in that area...
  7. Albemarle Sound
    Went out in the Sound today. Put off at the Pasquotank and made my way over to the Alligator river. Worked back to the North river and back to the Pasquotank. Didn't get a bite. Anybody on here having any luck.
  8. Albemarle Sound
    What a boat ride today.We put over at mackeys.Fished 32 bridge 1 short striper. Left there and headed to aligator river bridge. Made several stops along the way. Found birds driving on bait fish but no stripers in the mix.Left there headed over to hwy 158 bridge at Kitty Hawk saw a couple of...
  9. Albemarle Sound
    Effects of Age-1 Striped Bass Predation on Juvenile Fish in Western Albemarle Sound Author(s) TUOMIKOSKI Jack E. ; RUDERSHAUSEN Paul J. ; BUCKEL Jeffrey A. ; HIGHTOWER Joseph E. ; Abstract -Historically, the fisheries for adult river herring (i.e., alewife Alosa pseudoharengus and blueback...
  10. Albemarle Sound
    Prey selectivity and diet of striped bass in western albemarle sound, North Carolina Author(s) RUDERSHAUSEN Paul J. ; TUOMIKOSKI Jack E. ; BUCKEL Jeffrey A. ; HIGHTOWER Joseph E. ; Abstract We collected 1,399 striped bass Morone saxatilis from western Albemarle Sound, North Carolina...
  11. Albemarle Sound
    Braved the cold and went fishing in the sound by the tip of camden and pasquotank. Also adventured up the north river to coinjock. Came back home and hit my usual spots and I could not rid myself of the skunk in my box. Water temp was 48 and the wind was not blowing so at least it was agreat day...
  12. Boaters Forum
    Hi, Your website I find quite interesting! I used to fish for stripers up in Chesapeake Bay but now line near Charlotte NC. Not much striper fishing here for sure! I would like to know if any of you guys spend much time on the Albemarle Sound near the Alligator River. I would like to run my 19...
  13. Albemarle Sound
    What type of boat would you recommend for someone fishing the Albemarle Sound for stripers but who also enjoys fishing the various rivers that empty into the sound for largemouth bass, perch, etc. I generally prefer a casting deck in front and a more shallow draft but Im wondering how useful...
  14. New Member Introductions
  15. Albemarle Sound
    Albemarle stripers available Oct. 1 The recreational fishing season for striped bass in the Albemarle Sound Management Area will open at 12:01 a.m. Oct. 1, the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries said in a news release. The season will be open seven days a week and will close at 6 p.m. Dec. 31...
  16. The Striper Forum
    What is the season, trolling for stripers along the Albemarle Sound train bridge? I used to fish with my father as a child it seems like it was always cold but caught some nice fish. Any one fishing that area now? HOOK
  17. Albemarle Sound
    What is the season, trolling for stripers along the Albemarle Sound train bridge? I used to fish with my father as a child it seems like it was always cold but caught some nice fish. Any one fishing that area now? HOOK
  18. Albemarle Sound
    DMF Summary Info for Albemarle Management Area
  19. Albemarle Sound
    I would like to set up a report network of individuals who fish the Albemarle sound for Striped Bass (Rock) in the fall and some in the spring. Many do not want to share their information about the Sound and their luck fishing, but I was hoping to find some who are like me, transplanted to the...
  20. Seminars / Expos / Tourneys
    The second tournament of the Albermarle Striper Team Tournament Trail is scheduled for 21 Oct 2006. For more information and entry forms go to the following: or
1-20 of 23 Results