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  1. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Anyone been out from Albany area yet?
  2. Hudson River
    stopped by corning at about 7:30 pm. deserted. tide lapping at the top of the seawall. not chocolate milk but murky. 6 to 12 inches visibility. cut the lawn tomorrow.
  3. Hudson River
    Headed out tomorrow , Albany area, one rod and wayy too many jigs. May do some Chunking (Ewww!!) but , it is what it is , This is proly just gonna be a River Report , I just hope that the River has calmed down some , its gonna be a Beautiful Day !!:mental:
  4. Hudson River
    Howdy everyone. New member here, this will be my first season going for Stripers on the hudson. Took a charter out of Kennebunkport Maine over the summer and got my first striper. Been hooked since. Looking forward to gearing up soon and getting out there in the spring. Anyway, as someone...
  5. Hudson River
    Just curious since I have only done the migration once and saw everybody fishing with Herring. I had to resort to cutting a couple dead ones up on the beach. Anyways I get bored just standing there so would rather as usual have one pole out and cast with the other. Is it worth it in...
  6. Hudson River
    Up 1 degree from yesterday with the rain, itching to get out this Sunday. Hope things come back to life. :clock:
  7. Hudson River
    With this very mild winter I'm thinking the run might be earlier than previous years, I remember a very early run in Albany a few years ago. My boss asked when I was putting in for my days off for stripers and I'm at a loss, I usually do Tuesday/Thursday's off for last week in April and first...
  8. Hudson River
    This is all I know about this.
  9. Hudson River
    Was wondering if anybody could help me out with any tips for striper fishing near albany from a boat? I've fished newburgh mostly and just drifted bloods in the middle of the water column. Up here is it drifting or anchoring? will mostly use cut or live herring possibly bloods? Any help would be...
  10. Hudson River
    New Marina this year in Albany. It's located on lower Broadway next to the Uhaul building.
  11. Hudson River
    As if fishing wasn't slow enough for some guys ... there's and oil spill at the Port Of Albany. :eek: Just happened. shake.gif Not cool !!!
  12. Hudson River
    Is it just me or does it seem like the big school of bass never made it to Albany area this year ? Sure there's some fish being caught... And I know there's a ton of herring around for food but this year the numbers are way down according to the 30+ ppl I've talked to. I've done great for the...
  13. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Sorry for the delayed post Fished 5/5 in the Albany area and I have it say it sucked! We fished from 5am till 8pm and only had one solid run. We fished deep, shallow, flats, structure and not a sniff. We soaked live and chunk with absolutely nothing to show for it. It was honestly one of my...
  14. Hudson River
    I'm an Ibew Union guy here in albany for work. I'm staying on central Ave but working in ravena, coeymans, selkirk area. I'm a diehard musky trout and walleye guy. My pb musky is 54" and my pb walleye is 32" and just shy of 14lbs. I'm from upstate NY and also have some serious information on...
  15. Hudson River
    Does anyone have any luck up here with scap nets in mid-April? Any tips?
  16. Hudson River
    I’m interested in possibly doing some striper fishing, but I’m limited to doing only shore fishing in the area from the federal dam down to the southern end of Albany and Rensselaer. 1---Is it worth my even trying or is my limited situation a “Mission:Impossible” deal that isn’t worth...
  17. Hudson River
    If anyone knows of any boats that get rented out for a month or so during the run PM me. I need to get off the shore this year.
  18. Hudson River
    Any chance it is clearing up?? As much as i have said i am done if the water clears up i may just have to give it one more go. I remember a June 1 trip a few years ago when i released my second fish at 5:17 AM!
  19. Hudson River
    Saw a handful of cormorants up around HH this afternoon. Flight of 5 headed for Troy and one in the water fishing. Water finally broke 40 per the USGS site.
  20. Hudson River
    Went out saturday just to fish open eater 1 catfish
1-20 of 89 Results