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  1. Maine
    planning to upgrade my 6'6" mh ugly stik to something a little longer for pier/jetty fishing. for both mackerel and stripers, would like something in the 7-8 foot range, i am an ugly stik fan and have been looking online at the ugly stik tiger lite rods but havent had chance to get my hands on...
  2. The Striper Forum
    Im new to baitcasters and figured be smarter on my part to ask for some help. so here goes, i recently got a 7' ugly stik lite casting rod in med, heavy and need some options on an low budget round casting reel, have looked at abus ambassadeur s in 5601 and shimanos cardiff in but unsure about...
  3. Saltwater Striper Clubs
    I'm new to this site but not new to striper fishing all though it has been years I recently moved to fall river ma. area and I'm looking for some good striper spots and bait advise thanks
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello all. In this day and age of video games, I thought I would take my nephews out for a fishing trip and hopefully give them a more healthy addiction! They go freshwater fishing with me often and love it and have asked if we could go for "really big fish". I told them I would take them for...
  5. Kentucky
    I am from NW Indiana and 90% of my fishing is on Lake Mich for salmon and trout. That is until I visited a friend in Kentucky (April 15) and we fished for stripers in the tail waters of Lake Cumberland. We had ten on in one night and holycow, what a fish. I'm sold and hooked. Found this...
  6. Louisianna
    looking for a good place to fish say in april may,,, june of this year... Have a 17ft deep v 90 hp, fished in the ocean before, rivers, hudson, mississippi, at new orleans.. so location, time,, lodging,, bait... any help would be appreciated,, thanks [email protected]
  7. Rhode Island Fishing
    Good morning Went up to N Attelboro MA for Easter dinner; so figured i's stop in at Bass Pro shop. Tried to stop myself; but bought a new rod anyway. They had a good deal on the Surf King series by Lamiglas. Got a 10' MH one. Any opinions on pairing it with a Penn 560 for plug fishing along the...
  8. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    Just bought a Cabo PT 50 spinning reel and I was thinking of trying a braided line for the first time. The reel is rated for 225 yds of 12 lb. What kind of superline would you put on it?
  9. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I just picked up a cabela's salt stalker spinning reel ss50 and i was wonder if i should spool it up with 300yd of 50lb braided line or is 150yd of it enough? This reel is for pier fishing and maybe some bank fishing. Also the reel is rated at 10/440, 12/390, 15/280
  10. Surfcasting Central
    looking for a decent price, and advise on good make of waders, probably going to go with boot foot, or if someone can explain if sock foot is better, mostly for beach.
  11. The Striper Forum
    Hi all, I am a newbie to the striper scene. I have wanted to fish for them since I read about them years ago. I just have never been in a position to do so. I have some old salmon/ steelhead gear and some saltwater gear but am not sure what to use. I will be fishing on Beaver Lake and possibly...
  12. Plugs and Plug Building
    I am going to order a small wood lathe within the next few weeks, i was wondering what types of wood, paint and so on. I have hand carved some lures, fresh and salt, in the past and love building things myself. I know this is the place for help. Thanks, jim.
  13. Massachusetts
    I will be heading out from the Charles through the Locks this week or weekend and have not been out there for over 10 years... Boating or SW fishing! :roll: Any suggestions on where to go and what to use for bait, etc... Not lookin for secrets, just maybe some places that might produse...
1-13 of 13 Results