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  1. New Jersey
    We have a few Mornings and evenings available this week. Mornings will be Sea Bass and/or Fluke.....Evenings will be Live Lining Trophy Stripers. Here are the available dates and times Sat 6/15....2 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. Live Line Stripers..Trip is Full! Sun...Fathers Day Fluke Special!....6 a.m.-...
  2. Massachusetts
    i got out to fish the incoming tide fri. night got 1 fish on an eel nothing big but a good fish maybe 15# buy the time i found the fish the wind had kicked up the blowing my little boat onto the shore line i was fishing then the rain came and it was time to go home !
  3. New Hampshire
    Got out in the boat last night, headed off to get some bait beyond the mouth of the river. Jigged for 1/2 hour and then hit a school of Pollock in about 30 ft of water. Moved back out to 2KR and drifted out into about 60 ft of water, nothing on the fishfinder, but we couldn't drop the jigs to...
1-3 of 3 Results