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  1. The Striper Forum
    I went to Mattamuskeet (eastern NC) this past W/E, after Largemouth. Me and college buddy 25 years before used to spend weekends there, and each catch 4-5, from 1.5 - 4 lbs. No Largemouth in 3 hrs (HEAVY rainout), but did get one small Striper, second one ever (actually, my 3rd; at this very...
  2. Hudson River
    Come on in and sign up guys.
  3. Hudson River Sign up and register today. This is the second year of the first of its kind catch and release online Striped Bass fishing tournament. Let's have some fun with a chance to win a few $$$$ and save the fishery with a no kill tournament. View page for tournament and...
  4. New Jersey
    Hourly Door Prizes — 50/50 Over 100 tables of fishing and boating needs Food & Beverages Venders Welcome! Time: 8:00am - 2:00pm St. Cecelia's School Hall Oak Tree Road Iselin, NJ 08830 US Website Admission: $4.00 (Kids 12 and Under Free) About 100...
  5. Albemarle Sound
    2 trips so far, 2 quick limits. Really good fishing to start the season!
  6. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    This pic was taken today but they were caught last night. Took my sister out for her first time. It was pretty cool to see her reel in her first striper, even though she gave up 3/4 of the way in cause she wouldnt listen to me telling her how to hold the rod. Hers was 29" and the one I caught...
  7. New Jersey
    Any news on weigh-INS for day 1? At lobster loft in sea isle city.??
  8. New York
    I'm going to be in Montauk Thursday Sept 29th through Sunday October 2nd. My surfcasting club is having a C&R tournament on the weekend, and we'll be having a BBQ in the picnic area of the lower lot by the lighthouse around noon on Sunday. If you happen to see my red crew cab Silverado with MA...
  9. Maine
    What's the shot of some good fishing? I'll be around the York area.
  10. Striper247 Events
    may 15th "sat nite" (rain date is fri nite 14th). i will know by mid week if that's the case. will be the 2nd 2010 gathering on staten island.... those of you who wish to catch some fish and laugh your ass off are welcome. those who didn't catch fish last outing better make it this time...
  11. Hudson River
    Tryin this new drifting thing 2nd time out 2nd fish. cant seem to get out of the low 30 range, but definetly not complaining i take this over a skunk any day. Still waiting for the day we can catch multiple striper. Nothing to brag bout here it is.
  12. Cape Cod Canal
    I went to Plum Island and setup shop with chunk mackerel and clams for my first time of striper fishing. I didn't have any luck, and I don't really have much to go on besides reading this forum lately. I was wondering if I should check out the Cape Canal, being a novice and all. I'm used to...
  13. Striper Guides & Charters
    Tom Hughes Guide Service 410.744.2351 (NEW) Full Time 443.690.3164 Fly & Light Tackle Fishing Guide Fishing Report 2nd Week of June 2008 Catching striped bass from Popular Island, south to the gas docks, was spotty this week. Only specific locations had any quantity of stripers. Stripers...
  14. Hudson River
    Caught my 2nd Friday night in Troy. Attached is image for proof :redbiggrin:. 33"- 14.5 lb. Caught Friday night at 11:30. Had the entire area to myself in Troy. Fish were breaking everywhere and not a boat or person around. Love rainy and cold nights. Wish I was more on my game and I would have...
  15. Striper247 Events
    Re: 2nd Annual Fathers Day with Floatsum! (UPDATE) As some of you may know, I've been having trouble with the old legs. Well, went to the Doc's yesterday and now he wants to do operation #5 in a couple of weeks. (early May of all times!) Not knowing what the lay-up willbe again this time, I'm...
  16. Rhode Island Fishing
    Float will get all the details as the day approaches as far as location. I will handle the Emails. Are you in?
  17. Striper247 Events
    i am now officially giving notice that the december 2nd fall run gathering is in full swing! you are hereby commanded by the zimster to file in and be recognized. we will be fishing all day december 2nd and as many of you know the night we fished there on our last venture was a bit frustrating...
  18. Boaters Forum
    I recently picked up my 1st boat in 12 years... and my 2nd boat ever. I grew up boating, fishing and waterskiing on my Dad's boat but I haven't done a lot on my own. I went out on my new boat with my brother - a very experienced boatman and fisherman - last week and everything went great. We...
  19. Albemarle Sound
    I heard through the grape vine that the fishing at the Alligator river bridge was very good over the weekend. They culled several limits. Sorry no 1st hand knowledge but maybe something to check out.
  20. Seminars / Expos / Tourneys
    The second tournament of the Albermarle Striper Team Tournament Trail is scheduled for 21 Oct 2006. For more information and entry forms go to the following: or
1-20 of 23 Results