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  1. Chesapeake Bay
    Started the morning out of Sandy Point at 0700 and headed across the Bay to the eastern shore side a mile south of the bridge. Was our first time out this year and never really fished for stipers before we were the new guys on the water. Wasted two hours trolling our way south to Bloody Point...
  2. Massachusetts
    Hit tha pond yestahdee with 2 of my nephews. The thing was just stocked, and it seems to have been ravaged already. People take home every single trout they catch. It's really to the point of actually aggravating me nowadays. Some Humanoids just drive me insane. Anyhow, even though we didnt...
  3. Massachusetts
    Well, Jay went and made different plans for the 26th, so looks like we'll have to reschedule. Yesterday, he pulled thee 'ol...."oh, I though it was tonight". Happycrap. Let me know what you think of the following week.
1-3 of 3 Results