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  1. Hudson River
    ** SHOW EM' IF YA GOT EM' ** Post any 2020 Striper Reports and photos here. Hope to see a bunch of HAWGS. Feel free to include county or general area, No need to give up specific spots or honey holes. Please try and limit it to just reports & congrats. Thanks and good luck all !
  2. Hudson River
    We can use this thread to track Herring movements up the river. :icon_thelmutsalute: Let us know when you start seeing them ... General location or county is fine, no need to give up your specific honey holes. Thank you!
  3. Hudson River
    FYI if you guys dont already know the RI Annual show.....RISSA....has been canceled.....this sucks.
  4. Hudson River
    New for the Hudson ...... you can only keep Striper within a slot of 18 - <28". All others must be released. New Ocean regs are 28-35". It amazes me that the ones we are trying to protect in the Hudson are the targets in the Ocean. It makes no sense because these smaller fish are the easiest...
  5. Hudson River
    So as I have been patiently waiting to get out and go fishing i've been reading all types of articles on stripers, and what I found was a lil depressing. Not gonna make this post long and drawn but it looks like the numbers are down and the powers that be are looking to further the regulations...
1-5 of 5 Results