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  1. Hudson River
    We can use this thread to track Herring movements up the river. :icon_thelmutsalute: Let us know when you start seeing them ... General location or county is fine, no need to give up your specific honey holes. Thank you!
  2. Hudson River
    ** SHOW EM' IF YA GOT EM' ** Post any 2018 Striper Reports and photos here. Hope to see a bunch of HAWGS. Feel free to include county or general area, No need to give up specific spots or honey holes. Please try and limit it to just reports & congrats. Thanks and good luck all !
  3. Hudson River
    Hey guys, so I live in Albany and I’m an avid fisherman who’s getting into making YouTube videos. Come the spring Striper run I was wondering if anybody has a boat and would be willing to take an extra person with them? I would help pay for the gas that’s used and provide some food/beer. I’m...
  4. Hudson River
    OK guys...these are the fishing shows: February 2-4 Providence boat show. March 1-4 Suffern New York. March 8-10 Providence Fishing show. March 16-18 Somerset New Jersey. April 6-8 Hartford
1-4 of 4 Results