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Saltwater striper fishing lures

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slope head surfsters goo Goo eye wooden plugs

Striped bass fishing tackle

Saltwater Striper fishing plugs and lures -
What do I buy to put in my plug bag?
Lures for each part of the water column.
What type of lures are used for stripers?
Plastics, Wood, resins, rubber and Metal. Topwater, swimmers and bottom lures. What are the categories of Plugs? Surface Swimmer, Subsurface Swimmer, Mirror plug, Bottle Plug, Popping Plug, Rattle Plug, Darter Plug, Pencil Popper Plugs, Bullet Plugs,Needlefish plugs, Stainless steel jigs, Block tin squids, Rigged Eels, Diamong Jigs, Kastmaster, Chromed Spoons, Leadheads, Jigheads, There are So many what do i use? The short answer. Lures that resemble the forage base available in the area you will be fishing. Where can i purchase some of these? Many of these items can be purchased at various online tackle stores. a google web search with the keyword will bring you to many. You can also click on the links below and it will take you to some secure and reputable stores where you can purchase them. What are the most popular striper lures? Besides the custom lures the Atom Striper Swiper, Atomizer, Smiling Bill bucktails. Kastmaster metal lures, a Mambo Minnow, Assalt Bomber, Rebel broken back, Cotton Cordell Pencil Poppers and red fins. FinS soft plastics, storm shads and sluggos. Red gill sand eels What type of retrieve do I use for all my plugs? A good rule of thumb is to avoid carrying a bag full and changing lures every few casts. Master a few and become comfortable with the action of that particular lure. Learn under what conditions a particular lure is most appropriate. The surface swimmer has a verical lip which will give it a side to side motion. It is maximized when retrieved very slowly. You want it to lazily swim along like an unsuspecting baitfish. Keep the line taught and speed up when a wave hits it like its riding in the wave. With popping plugs its best to vary the retrieve and even let it sit. The design of the plug makes it wiggle. gentle pop, hesitation and gentle pop. Work these over rocks and rocky outcrops. The pencil popper you point the rod at the popper and move the tip up and down in a rapid motion. Soft tip rods are best here. On the subsurface swimmers these are most effective when worked slowly, the faster you retrieve them the deeper they will dive. Bottle plugs were designed to be cast a mile, due to the shape and their aerodynamics. The big lower lip design pulls it under. It dives during your retrieve and will dive deeper as you speed it up. Slow retrieve and it will still wiggle. When using darters vary the retrieve and twitch the rod tip. Keep the line taught. Needlefish are best worked when there are sand eels present and without twitching. Let it sink and then retrieve it. With steel jigs let them sink for a few and retrieve them at a speed that will allow them to move side to side.

Plugs 101 Essentials for the surf. You should have at least these for your surf arsenal. Chicken scratch A-Salt Bomber - Creek Chub Striper strike - Acme Kastmasters - Hopkins No Equal Spoon - Atom Striper Swiper - Luhr Jenson-Needle Fish.- Luhr Jensen - Krocodile 1oz. Chrome Baby Striper - A-Salt Bomber Mambo Minnow - Smiling Bill Bucktails (not shown)

surfcasting plugs

atom pencil popper
Atom Pencil Popper

atom atomizer
Atom atomizer ---- Striper Swiper Mackeral pattern

striper swiper
Striper Swiper

storm lures
Storm Wildeyes swimbaits

Name:  Storm-WESwimShadSs.jpg  Views: 3167  Size:  4.5 KB

6 and 9 inch Inch storm shads bunker pattern 6",
7/8 oz., 4 per pack $4. 9", 2 3/4 oz., 1 per pack $4

Wildeye Swim Shad - 9" - Bunker

spro bucktail
Spro Primetime Bucktails

fin s soft stickbaitFinS soft stickbait

acme kastmasterAcme Castmaster

red gill sand eelsRed Gill Sand Eels

lunker city sluggoSluggo

cotton cordell red fins
Cotton Cordell Red Fins

Pencil Popper Chrome Black Deep Diving Red Fin 5/8oz. Pearl/Red

chub superstrike
Creek Chub superstrike

bomber a-salt minnow
Bomber Saltwater Minnow - Black One of the most recognized names of fishing lures.

deadly dick
Deadly Dick

charlie graves tins
Charlie Graves Tins

What are some of the more popular custom wood plugs and plastic Lures?

al gags floating popper
Al Gags Grabber floating poppers and Black Darter

al gags grabber
Al Gags Grabber Mambo Minnow

Surf needle
Stetskos Mr Wiggly's and Nantucket needlefish

Stab gibbs surf danny
Stan Gibbs Surf Darter

little neck popper

The Little Neck Popper made by Super Strike is one of the most well-known and productive topwater lures for bass, bluefish and weakfish in the Northeast Atlantic. It works as well from surf or boat. Extreme long distance casting. Made of extremely durable and rugged plastic that will withstand the toothiest fish. Will work anywhere on any kind of inshore saltwater surface-feeding gamefish that takes such type lures. Super Strike Little Neck Poppers come in multiple model weights ands lengths. The 2-3/8 oz sinking swimmer is the most popular and productive. Not only does this model of Super Strike Little Neck pop perfectly in all kinds of surface conditions from smooth to wave-tossed, but this model has the knack to swim much like a bottle plug when retrieved between pops. There are few other poppers that do this so well. Highly effective is a three part retrieve rhythm: Sweep the rod to pop it, Bow the rod momentarily to pause it to let it sink under a bit, Reel it to swim several feet back up to top before repeating the sequence

bottle swimmer
Bottle plugs and darters go hand in hand. Like darters, bottle plugs develop a zigzagging swimming action in strong sweeping currents. Bottle plugs are most at home off deep beaches and off sand or gravel bars that drop off quickly to deep water. A strong, steady cross-tide sweep is the ideal situation for swimming bottle plugs Darters work best in moving water, such as a tide rip or inlet.

Looking for beginners striper fishing tackle to start off -

Bait fishing perhaps? Ok heres' what to buy with the first 50 bucks.

For beginners an approach to the surf
Ok Im not sure how this thread will evolve but it is designed for those of you who are brand spankin new and rely on your buddies or someone else to rig up for you. Maybe its a generational thing but Ive seen too many guys show up to fish and say ok now what? I spent an entire outing rerigging for a group of my brothers friends who decided they wanted to go fishing with me. Im old school and i expect you to be self sufficient. All you need to know and be prepared is all here. So having said that we will not follow anyone around with wet naps. Remember to watch and observe others if you want to learn. See one - do one - teach one. This will apply to just about every phase of your learning curve. First. Asssuming you have a sturdy saltwater rod and reel. Med to heavy action rod capable of holding 17 to 40 pound monofilament test and a reel capable of holding 2 to 300 yards of 20 lb. monofilament line. Now. Terminal tackle. A few packages of barrel swivels 80 to 130 pound test.

Name:  barrellswivel.jpg  Views: 3615  Size:  2.2 KB

Package of three way swivels

Name:  1657.jpg  Views: 3579  Size:  15.3 KB Name:  DBTWS-thumb.jpg  Views: 3571  Size:  3.2 KB

Dozen or so sinker slides aka fishfinders

Name:  90912-t.jpg  Views: 3579  Size:  1.5 KB Name:  Sinker-Snap-Slider.jpg  Views: 3566  Size:  2.0 KB

Hooks. 4/0 to 10/0 sizes Several in various styles and sizes.

Baitholders. Octopus style Live bait and or circle hooks.

Name:  octo.jpg  Views: 3562  Size:  1.4 KB

The 0 means Ocean A wheel of monofilament leader material in 30 to 50 pound test.

Name:  leaderwheeel.jpg  Views: 3556  Size:  3.9 KB

Flourocarbon is pricey and usually only necessary in super clear water bank Sinkers. lead in sizes 2 ounce to 8 ounces.

Name:  banksinker.jpg  Views: 3559  Size:  1.9 KB

This will cover most of your needs. You will need extras if your getting hung up around rocks. The price of lead sinkers has gone up astronomically. Head lamp Pliers / wire cutters These are essential to your tackle box. You will soon want to be mobile and need to travel light with a shoulder bag. next is what lures can you buy with just 50 bucks.


Freshwater lures

Striper fishing tackle companies
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