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Cabelas soft plastic baits / Product showplace

Soft Plastic Baits

The hottest and newest rage are the soft plastics wildeyes from storm lures. These are great soft plastic swimbaits and have unreal life like movement. They are deadly on umbrella rigs and as swim baits when matching the hatch.

Some of the styles are Mullet, Pinfish, Croaker, Sardine, Redhead, Golden Mullet, Rainbow Trout and Bunker patterns. They come in sizes from 3 to 6 inches. They are inexpensive and can be purchased in Walmart stores and elsewhere for as little as 2.99 per package of 12. The bigger sizes are prepackaged as well but less in quantity.

During Spring time when schoolie bass are plentifull there are dozens of ways in which to target them but the tried and true methods of artificial baits are the soft plastics. Tiny plastic worms or curl tail grubs on lead head jigs is a great method for targeting stripers. Jerk baits like the Lunker City Slug go and swim baits are extremely popular with striper fishermen when trolling and casting.
When drifting slowly along a quiet shoreline you can use a two hook rig with a real sand worm on one hook and a soft plastic sand worm on the other.

The newest methods are using resin head jigs instead of lead or other metal. You can get a good cast along rocks in shallow water and they dont hang up like metal. Dont be afraid to experiment with different methods.

Another newer popular method is using tube lures. Big fish tackle sells a 4 inch pitchin tube at a great price.




Or the Mizmo big boy tubes.

You can customize your tubes by threading a bell shaped sinker on the hook shank to get them down deeper or insert Pvc pipe to keep them from collapsing.

But this site is called Catch that Monster Striped Bass and targeting big fish takes bigger bait.

For larger 8 inch mega "Tiger" tubes you can find them at Lindy tackle. They are the only company that makes them.

A way to target these bigger guys is to fish deep rip filled waters. Use a three way swivel. Tie a bank sinker on to one eye using a foot and a half of monofilament leader. Tie on 4 feet of monofilament to the other eye and your bucktail plastic jighead on the other. Drop the bank sinker to the edge of the rip, the plastic jig head wont hang up in the turbulent rip and it will present a great looking bait for that big striper. If your sinker gets hung up you wont lose your jig because the sinker will break away from the 3 way swivel. Make sure your reel is clean, your line is new and your knots are tied properly. When you feel her take off on her run you will be confident that your tackle will hold up to the onslaught. See you at the weigh station.

The tube and worm method is another soft plastic that is extremely popular especially when fishing stealth like in a kayak. These are made out of surgical tubing attached to different size keels and are trolled slowly across the bottom and a sand worm or finS attached to the hook as a trailer.

The key to the santini tube and worm is to troll very slowly. For more on tubes check out the forum

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Lunker City has some great lures


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