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Rigged Eels

by Joe Brotz Aka Roccus

Rigging eels is not an exact science, I learned from a gents name, I never knew on the banks of the Cape Cod Canal back in 1976...I've caught alot of fish on rigged eels just as he showed me..... first you need your eels, I save a few eels left over from the nights fishing, the eels that dont get skinned and brined, get rigged and go in my buddy's bait freezer... I make my rigging needles from a length of coat hanger, pound one end flat and drill a 1/16 hole for the thread, the other end is ground to a Sharp point on a grinding wheel...

skinned and brined

You will need lengths of Dacron line, dental floss also works well you need some hooks, use both 7/0 gamagatsu live bait hooks and gami octopus style hooks... I begin by taking a double length of Dacron, 6'8" longer than the bait and snelling one end onto the hook, the other end is inserted into the needle, the needle is then inserted behind the vent (some guy's insert it in the vent but I find the hook rides better inserted in it's own hole) it takes some practice, but once you have riiged a few eels, you can do it in your sleep.

Bring the needle out the eels mouth and remove it from the thread, now take your mouth hook and figure where you want it to ride, I mark mine with a sharpie, once I've got that figured out, I run the thread through the eye of a hook and a barrel swivel and tie a series of half hitches around the shank, once this is done weight can be added if you so desire, I prefer to leave mine unweighted and wrap solder or thin strips of lead around the nose to adjust the weight to my conditions...

gamakatsu hooks

rigging needle

dacron rigging an eel

rear siwash

sharpie for marking the eel

gamakatsu octopus hook and barrell swivel

Now using a carpet needle and a 12' length of Dacron, go up through the chin and out the top of the jaw, several times ON EACH SIDE OF THE JAW.. a series of half hitches will secure the thread, I like to add a drop of super glue to secure the knot.. this step is important.... lay your eel flat and position your hooks exactly like you want them, then TIGHTLY lash them in place with several wraps of Dacron, tie off and add a drop of super glue.. this is a most potent bait, even when it is stinky and rotten it still will catch fish...

Cast them as you would a sluggo, retrieve slowly with an occasional twitch...

eel rigging

siwash hooks rigging an eel complete


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