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Product Review - Old Harbor Outfitters

For those unfamiliar with the name, Old Harbor Outfitters (OHO) is a newer company based out of Block Island that specializes in innovative apparel and gear built by fishermen for fishermen. Read Full Article


Yamaha F350 - Power Up and Spend More Time Fishing
by Captain John Luchka

Just when you think you have seen it all, something new comes along, as my dad would always say. Change is inevitable as manufacturers of engines and fishing tackle always look to improve something or distance themselves from the competition. Read Full Article


Marine Electronics 2008
by Rob Pavlick

In February, I had the opportunity to go to the Miami Boat Show. This was my first time ever going to this show and if you are a general fan of boating, whether in the market for a new boat or not, this show will give you more than you can handle. Read Full Article


Spinning Your Wheels
by Mike Wright

A co-worker recently came to me and asked what the best spinning reel on the market is these days. Since I'm the most hopeless fishing addict on our small newspaper's staff I wasn't shocked by the question but I was curious about the reason for his inquiry. Read Full Article


2008 Reel Guide
by Rob Pavlick

The family of Albacore reels is getting bigger. Easily recognizable thanks to the blue color of the handle and drag release button, the 20-lb. Veloce reels keep unchanged all the characteristics that made them famous in the standard version and differ only for the ratio Read Full Article


Fishing Kayak Review: Ocean Kayak's Prowler Trident
by John Skinner

The walls of green water that periodically blocked my view of the beach while I sat on my 15-foot Ocean Kayak Prowler 100 yards from the shore looked pretty intimidating. Read Full Article


Product Corner: Daiwa introduces new Samurai Braid
by Rob Pavlick

While at the ICAST 2007, the big saltwater tackle trade show in Las Vegas, Nor’east Publisher George Scocca and I had a chance to check out Daiwa’s new Samurai Braid. Read Full Article



Surf Fishing Buyer’s Guide
by Rob Pavlick

In the April monthly issue, we touched on some great new reels for surf anglers. If you missed this feature, log on to You will find a wealth of features, from products to technique, by looking through our previous issues. So, with the reels already covered, here is a look at some other products for all you surf enthusiasts. Read Full Article


by Rob Pavlick

The main reason braid has become so popular over the past ten years is the line strength and sensitivity. Read Full Article



2007 Outboard Engine Preview
by Rob Pavlick

Although the draw at the shows is always the gorgeous boats, these vessels would go nowhere without the power behind them. Outboard engine manufacturers are continuing to update their models to provide smoother acceleration, improve fuel economy, fully maximize power, and withstand limitless hours in the salt. Read Full Article



The Anglers' Library: Books to While Away a Chilly Winter
by Jerry Vovcsko

What to do until next season rolls some four months from now? I don’t know about anyone else but I intend to keep the woodstove well stoked with kindling and hardwood chunks, the coffeepot on low simmer and a goodly supply of fishing-related volumes close at hand. Read Full Article

reviewsMore Product Reviews
by Bob Banfelder

Bob Banfelder's Product Reviews Essential for all Anglers Read Full Article


reviewsSIRIUS SR50 Receiver for Raymarine C-Series
by Rob Pavlik

Ray Marine Navionics Platinum Charts and Marine Electronics Reviews Read Full Article


reviewsSeaKey v2.0 Safety and Security
by Rob Pavlik

SeaKey v2.0 Safety and Security and the North Star Explorer 710 VHF Radio Read Full Article


reviewsFish Finder reviews
by Rob Pavlik

Marine Monitors - Argonaut - Lowrance - Garmin Fishfinders Read Full Article


freshwater slab spoons Freshwater Slab spoons

By Garth Closter

The TNT 180 - Read Full Article



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