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Old 01-16-2013, 05:00 PM
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Default Advice Needed on a rod

Hey all-

Im in the market for a new rod and could use some advice bfore I head to local b and T shops. Currently I usually go plugging and use a 7' Med-Heav power, Medium action St. Croix Tidemaster Rod. Rated for 10-20 lb test, 1/2 - 1oz. Works great for schoolies and have caught some keepers as well.

I need a 2nd, versatile rod. I'm looking for a rod that I can throw some bigger plugs and when necessary some bait, eels, sandworms, etc. I've bought a kayak that I'm eagerly waiting to put to use. So I'd also like to do a little trolling with this rod- nothing crazy, prob just a tube/worm.

I really like my St. Croix, so maybe I could just pick up a St croix rated for heavier plugs? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Is it reasonable to think that I can find a rod that I can use for bigger plugs, and some light baits and trolling? I won't be throwing big chunks of bunker with weight on it... I have a beat up, ugly stick I us for that.
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Old 02-05-2013, 01:55 PM
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Default Re: Advice Needed on a rod

sorry for the delay as i missed this as it was not immediately visual for me to see when i check in. wished someone helped out but anyway,. if you picked up a rod already then disregard this. we could talk all day about what rod to buy if you had the money to invest. but since i don't think that is the case as you fish a 7ft rod now we will begin by mentioning the low end surf rods that will accomplish some of the fishing you prolly do. as a fast action rod will afford you a great deal of feel when fishing bucktails/jigs etc... it will also work for big plugs (contrary to what the so called proffessional surf casters say) a slow action rod would be best for pencils and big booming plugs but not entirely needed as you could use a fast action rod with results. a med/fast rod will be best for you. the st croix triump and star stellar lite med action rods are really fast rods imo. these inexpensive rods are about 130-150 bucks and if i were to suggest an entry level rod for a variety of fishing it would make sense if you could not afford the best. see, when you get into fishing and realize that not one rod does what another will do.... it gets expensive cause if your going to Montauk or the jersey shore to punch out pencils then a slow rod is what ya wanna have for that. in Montauk, chucking bucktails will warrant a fast action rod... can you do both and succeed with a low end rod like this? yes. it may not fit the bill when you see others get better distance or catch more bass on a bucktail but,if you can afford a couple of four hundred dollar rods than this was a waste of time to explain. the key to success with any plugging/jigging is the mechanics of working a bait. the rod is just a tool to get the bait to the fish and your handicap is if you are unable to get the bait to the fish and or feel and work it to it's potential. it is why there are so many different rods out there as there are so many different individuals fighting over which one is best, as a tackle junkie would. i shy away from making statements like above as so much i wrote provokes thought and dissagreement. i only wanna see people catch a fish and promote what can make that happen.

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