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Old 03-18-2010, 11:23 PM
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Haven't caught one yet...
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Default Good Tides To You!


My name is Jonathan and I live in Trenton, New Jersey. My only fishing experience is freshwater trout... actually, I may have caught some sort of small snapper in the bay at my grandparents shore house (Sea Side Park) when I was little also. Other then trout and a snapper or two, the only other thing I have hooked are rocks, trees, lake vegetation, and an unfortunate seagull that swallowed my bait and hook the same day I was fishing in the bay. I enjoyed freshwater trout but I have always been envious of the fellas reeling in the big fish either surf fishing at IBSP or on a boat in the Delaware River and close coastal waters.

I know, I know, its time to get on it all ready.... So I need to get some gear. I have been reading through your forums but a lot of posts are from a year or two ago. Anybody know where to start me off? Im thinking first conventional striper set could probably be a combo set from the store? Let me know where to start! Thanks fellas and I look forward to posting some pics of the big fish.

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Old 03-18-2010, 11:43 PM
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Default Re: Good Tides To You!

Originally Posted by JonFromJersey
Other then trout and a snapper or two, the only other thing I have hooked are rocks, trees, lake vegetation, and an unfortunate seagull that swallowed my bait and hook the same day I was fishing in the bay.

I caught all of the above last year except I had 5 birds all released I'm not sure on the area so I won't tell you what kind of rig you should be using. I thought the above was pretty funny and it make me think of the birds I hammered last year. 1 bird was a seagull in the ccc. I was reeling it in slow so I wouldn't hurt it. All of a sudden my rod doubled over and the bird disappeared. I looked behind me and there were 4 woman joggers watching me pull in a fish. I thought holy crap these ladies are going to FREAK when the bird comes back to the surface. Sure as shit the seagull pops up freaking out tangled in my line. The ladies "OH MY GOD ITS A BIRD" I untangled the bird while a bluefish thrashed on the other end. The bird and the blue were both released. The woman were mortified. It was my 1st and hopefully last bird/fish double header. Another bird last year screamed like a dying hooker 3am in the morning. I have never heard such LOUD echoing, screeching cry from a bird before. I'm sure it woke some people up that lived near by. It was real dark that night so I didn't get to see this bird but it was very heavy and pulled some decent drag. It might have been a swan. This one released itself (Thank God). Sorry its a bit off subject but I wanted to share. All 5 birds last year were on 50lb red pp if that helps
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Old 03-19-2010, 09:29 AM
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Default Re: Good Tides To You!

One of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life was my buddy catching a duck all the while thinking it was a fish down at Camp Ellis. The rod bent over as the bird tugged at his offering, he set the hook and all ya heard was QUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAACCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!! Amid all the comotion he still thought he had a fish hooked, despite my deep belly laughs in between telling him he hooked a duck. Not only did he think he had a fish on but a good-sized one as well. Once I finally convinced him it was a fowl not a fish he STILL thought he had a fish that was being eaten by a bird. Seeing him bring that duck in, climbing down the jetty with the duck's wings flailing and quacking loud enough to draw attention from far and wide was only half the fun. That thing gave him a good beating before finally being released to fight another day......the memory of that day, telling that story to friends/family/other fisherman and the laughs people get from hearing it however, will last a lifetime!!!!!

StriperHyper ~ Will
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good, tides

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