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Plugs and Plug Building This is our lure and plug building forum.

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Old 02-22-2008, 01:49 PM
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Default How to: plug display case..

OK, these things are realy simple, and fairly quick to make.

You will need a 1"X6"X8' board,I used popolar'
A piece of 1/8 or 3/16 plexiglass.. I bought mine( at lowes) precut it was 18"X24"

a piece of luan or pressed particle board large enough to cover the back of the case..

An old ( or new) suspended cieling tile. enough felt to cover the tile.

A can of spray adhesive, wood glue, window points and FF bisquits or finish nails, and 1/8" fabric coated elastic ( sewing supply store )

For tools, Miter saw ( or skill saw) assorted clamps, tape measure, hammer, bisquit joiner (optional) router ( optional) utility knife,scissors, wood chisels and a large upolstry needle....

Once your stock is assembled, cut your boards, I cut mine on a 45, but flush cuts are fine, I made my sides 25" and my bottoms 19", this gives me room to rout an edge to hold my back and glass in place...Be sure to measure from the LONG end....

Next I clamped my boards in my work mate, and measured my boards for the bisquit joints( skip this step if your using nails and glue)

Once the boards are cut for your bisquits, prepare to rout your inlays, in the pictures I set up a fence with my work mate, being to lazy to set up my router table... be sure to measure your glass and rout accordingly,rout 1/8" deeper than the glass surface so you have room to install a window point, this will hold your glass in place...( do both side if you like and inlay the luan, it makes a cleaner looking box)

If you dont own a router, cut 4 strips of wood insid to use as a stop for your glass, again, leave 1/8" for the window points..

Assemble the 4 pieces, using plty of glue, and acid brush works well here...

Once together check corner to corner to be sure the box is square, pull in one direction or the other to adjust, clamp together and recheck with a carpenters square...Those of you that used nails, use them now.
Once the glue is dry, sand an apply a sanding conditioner, the end result will be better on soft wood, then stain and apply urathain as each finish is dry...

Now cut your inlay, test fit before adding the back, cut your felt, leaving 1/2" overlap on the back side, this will help it stay tight,test fit again, it's alot easier now, before you install the back, once the fit is good, apply a liberal amount of spray adhesive to your insert and glue your felt in place.. when the glue has dried, "sew" each plug in place by pushing the needle through the felt covered tile, through the nose and tail loops, stretch the elastic and terminate with a pair of overhand knots....

Install the back on the case,attach with paneling nails... install you Plugs, push all the way to the back, push a window ponit into the fram at the top and the bottom, this will hold the tile/felt/ plugs in place, install the plexi, retain with 4 window points, top, bottom and on the sides...
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Old 02-22-2008, 04:56 PM
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Default Re: How to: plug display case..

I need to make one of them.

BTW, you go for the high end tools. I'm trying to get there. They tend to be twice as much as the el-cheapo stuff but last 10 times longer, and run soooo much smoother.
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Old 02-24-2008, 08:27 PM
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Default Re: How to: plug display case..

i think i can handle making the box , its the stuff inside that keeps me up at night!!!
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