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Old 07-30-2008, 11:35 PM
Mr.Grumpy Mr.Grumpy is offline
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Default I must be going insane: this is actually FUN!

I got a tip on a spot. Not the whole tip. I got the tip that climbing up on the big rock is a good way to catch some fish. So I did.

Not catch any fish! Oh no. I have been at this all day in various "spots" and have no fish-flesh to show for my efforts. I DID get an eel to wrap itself around my arm though: gross!! But, there I was in a quiet, peaceful spot NOT surrounded by people and NOT surrounded by trash. The water was peaceful and the day was coming to a close. I had forgotten my tackle box at home but I had some "stuff" with me and all was to be OK. Besides I had six eels with me and based on prior rates of return that equalled either six fish OR 15 hours of casting and retrieving. Oh Boy!!

As the sun went down that tide came in and all of a sudden my rock on the edge of the swamp became a rock surrounded by the swamp! I did some quick calculations and came to the conclusion that I could get while the getting was good OR wait the two MORE hours for the tide to come fully in and THEN another three or four for it to go out. Of course there was this thread to consider too. The choice was made: off I went.

Now, I had a LED head lamp and let me tell you something about LED headlamps: they don't let you see the difference between water and grass very easily. Thankfully I had the sense to use the but of my pole as a depth-gage. The first step was "not that bad" so off the Rock and into the Swamp I went. Thigh deep. For a couple hundred yards. The muck was sucking me in. It was disgusting. Next time: waders! Even if I don't plan on wading!

After I got on solid-ish ground I learned a second truism about LED head-lamps: they ain't flashlights! I couldn't find the path back to the car! Thank goodness I had the car plotted as a waypoint my GPS. Off I went into the underbrush and forest (with a quick trip back through the swamp) and after an hour and a half (the walk IN was a super convienient 10 min) I arrived back at the car. I was tired, sweaty, thirsty, wet, smelly and fish-less.

Did I learn any thing? Yes.

  • Scout first fish later. I have been doing a LOT of scouting but this spot was just soooooo saweeettt that I HAD to fish it! Well, it's scouted now.
  • When venturing out near the shore WEAR WADERS unless you are on the beach. I would have simply relocated my fishing instead of packing it in if I had had waders.
  • when fishing at night BRING A FRACKING FLASHLIGHT! LEDs are great, super great, at doing things close at hand but for searching for things off in the darkness? Fugedaboudit.
  • Glowsticks are handy items. I learned that lesson in the military. Forgot it some where along the way.
  • Know when to say when. As I mentioned I have been at this almost literally all day. I should have packed it in and lived to fight another day. If I wasn't so focused on catching a fish I would have buggered off that rock as soon as I saw what was unfolding.
The thing of it is: I had FUN tonight. I learned a bunch of stuff and all is well in the world. I'm still 1 and x but that's OK. It will just make the next victory so much sweeter!
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Old 07-31-2008, 05:09 PM
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Wild Dave Wild Dave is offline
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Default Re: I must be going insane: this is actually FUN!

Hey Mr. G get your self a tide chart so you will know what to expect as the tides follow the lunar cycles. Like if it is a six foot tide you can make it to safety from a fav. spot, watch it's not a nine foot tide and you try fishing the same spot until high tide. Also this will help you perdict where your prey will be a certain water levels. Watch out for low preasure systems and on-shore winds as they will increase water levels also. Good Luck
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Old 07-31-2008, 05:46 PM
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I had a BLAST!
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Default Re: I must be going insane: this is actually FUN!

LOL, I hear ya my friend. At least you have a new spot. I would try a decent looking spot, on a dropping tide at night. But ya have to know the area.
And yes, waders are a plus, and if your venturing out on the rocks, especially at night, Korkers are needed. Safety first!
With the head lamp at night, if you use the white light, in waves and such, you can get a mis-perception of what is real. Almost blinded. What I have is a head lamp with a red, and a blue light. That blue gives ample perception, of where you are stepping.
Anyhow, it sounds like ya had a BLAST!
<*((())))>< <*((())))><
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fun, insane

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