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Reels and Reel Maintenance Reel Maintenance and schematics - Discussion on spinning and conventional fishing reels - teardowns and hard to find parts

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Old 03-28-2010, 11:17 AM
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Default Re: Lamiglass

Originally Posted by striperjim View Post
I used 40 of sufix performance braid. Aout 275 yards with mono backing.
ZB25RD. I had Paulie in M do mine.
We got a little off topic on the lamiglas.
Do you remember what # mono you went with. I usually try to match the # with braid. I do have 300 yrds of #30 Suffix and #40 PP. I really do want to go with the Suffix though. Maybe I will just get a spool or see if they will swap out. I used to have a Berkley reel spooler but think I misplaced some of the parts. I was going to spool myself but think I will bring down to Ramseys to get done.

Do you or did you own a VS? I kind of want one but not sure if I should. Almost pulled the trigger on a 200 last night but now it's gone. I can still get a NIB VS200 for a decent price but not sure why-Do you feel it is better?
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Old 03-28-2010, 01:17 PM
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Default Re: Zeebass - Van Staal Discussion

# 20

I own two..
Better? Thats a loaded question. In what sense? You can't go wrong with either unless you get a lemon. They generally weed out or replace the duds. Check post 38 on this thread for comparative specs

The drag is phenominal on the Zeebaas. The VS 200 is 3 ounces heavier than the 25RD
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Old 03-29-2010, 04:29 AM
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Default Re: Zeebass - Van Staal Discussion

I should not have asked do you feel it is better, but do you like it(VS) better. With many it is just personal preferance.

Quote from 1-12-2010 "
Some guys filled it with RTV black silicon automotive adhesive. I was considering doing it with mine but instead just rinse it after each use because you have to rinse it anyway. The reel is skirted but you have to rinse out any skirted reel.
Rob has made a gasket available. "

Did you fill the holes on yours or ever get the gasket? I ask as I may be ordering some things anyway like greese, maybe kit to make single pick up, and if avail-gasket. Actually also I want to check into the red silicone O-Rings for the handle knob-I'm not sure if the orings are from ZB of just a product that someone used(not fromZB)

For the mono backing I was thinking of just using Big Game #30 as I have a spool of it. Well that is if I spool myself. Jim I thank you for you input and assistance, it never ceases to amaze me the knowledge you have along with how you remember and find previous threads. Also thank you Jackbas and Backbay for your assistance and input
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Old 04-01-2010, 10:22 AM
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Default Re: Zeebass - Van Staal Discussion

Well got the ZX25 spooled up. Went with #40 Suffix and Gamma #14 Mono. I went with #14 as the line diameter is closer and it makes a cleaner knot. The breaking strength on the Gamma #14 is around #26 to #28
I was pissed as I told them about how much mono to put on it. When they were just about done asked how much they put on and they said around 150yrds. I said what do you mean about did you not measure-answer was no. Well they then go to put on braid and I was telling them there was to much mono. After putting on braid they say is this OK. I say NO- they still ahd abut 100+ yrds of braid left on spool and the reel spool was filled all the way to the edge. Well they unwind take off some mono-do you think they would measure -well of course yes but they did not. Refill reel spool again and now there was about 50 yrds left on spool. Unwind again and apply. What a giant waste of time, I think I'm still going to unwind and apply it again-Wet. Plus they get an attitude with me due to there eff ups and another guy that was waiting and hour to get his reel filled-pissing and mouning . While he was waiting 2 other guys were just standing around chatting and there were 2 other spoolers not being used.
After that I almost put the stuff in my cart back on the shelf. Well I have now learned to goto a Bait and Tackle store instead of a Sports Store. This was not a chain store either.
Sorry just had to vent-I will not post the name of the store as there are some good folks working there.
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