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Stripers Forever This is a new forum dedicated to Stripers Forever and it's mission to make the Striped Bass a gamefish. You will find all the releases and info from Stripers Forever here. Please help support S.F. and it's cause!

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Old 12-17-2005, 11:43 PM
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Default Maine Congressmen Allen and Michaud Co Sponsor HR 2059

Stripers Forever -
We are very pleased to announce that both of Maine's Congressional
representatives, Tom Allen and Mike Michaud have signed on as co-sponsors
of HR 2059 , a bill to make striped bass a gamefish! We have posted the
press release on our website ( The release
includes quotes from both Congressmen.

The ammunition exists on the SF website for you to convince your
Congressional representatives to add their names as co-sponsors of this
bill; this is legislation that would change the landscape of striped bass
management. Here is our suggested approach:

1. Send an e-mail and a snail mail letter to your Congressional
representative and tell him or her that your vote will depend on whether
or not they cosponsor HR 2059. They are all listed on the SF website;
just click your state on the map on the home page. We strongly suggest
that you take the time to copy your state fishery director and your state
Governor. Click on How to Take Action on the top line of the SF website
and you'll find instructions for how to proceed. A sample letter can be
found at the bottom of the How to Take Action page.
2. Get together with two or three of your local fishing friends and make
an appointment to see your Congressperson at his or her office. Nothing
you can do is more effective than this. They will be glad to see you.
Take a copy of the Southwick Report with you - it can also be downloaded
or ordered from the website. Tell them how strongly you feel, and ask
them to co-sponsor HR 2059. If you are a member of a club that supports
striped bass gamefish, ask your Congressperson to attend one of your
meetings. In that venue you can ask them to cosponsor HR 2059. Those are
votes that they are looking at! These are steps that will work wonders in
obtaining Congressional sponsorship of HR 2059. Nothing works like
looking these folks in the eye and telling them how much striped bass and
striped bass fishing means to you. Don't be afraid to take this step.
Congressional representatives come from all walks of life, and most are
eager to please the folks who vote them in or out of office. Go see them
in person. After your visit, let us know if you need further support from
SF and we can do a broadcast to members in your area asking them to write
and go see a particular Congressperson who wants to hear from more people.
Stripers Forever has a substantial membership now in almost all areas of
the upper half of the East Coast. Let's put it to work.

Also, here is another important way you can help. Stripers Forever has a
large press list, and we have been fortunate enough to have several
organizations share their's with us. Press lists, though, are a huge
problem. The names and contacts change all of the time, and generally
speaking, the way you find out about these changes is when you get
rejected e-mails. We have never seen anyone's list that didn't have a
substantial amount of bad e-mail addresses. We simply do not have any
staff to follow up every failed e-mail to see why it failed and if the
person and/or e-mail address of the press contact has changed. The more
proactive approach is to ask our members to send us the name of the
fishing/outdoor writer of their local newspaper, his/her e-mail address,
phone number, and the name of the publication. We constantly delete the
failed names from our list, and add the new ones. That much we can do
with our all volunteer staff so please pitch in and help. Just e-mail the
information to [email protected]. Thank you.
Brad Burns

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