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Hudson River The mighty Hudson River reports information and Discussion

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Old 04-09-2015, 07:53 PM
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Default Albany-HudsonRiver-101,BeginnersClinic,Fishing the FederelDam part2

O.K. so were at the dam, lets pretend again! theres no one there!

The tide is still low but coming in at its usual moderate rate, I know from years of fishing this place I have plenty of time to fish this spot effectively. I will fish nearest the dam first,then work down accordingly. I will begin with "rod1" an eleven foot two piece Tsunami with my new Shimano Spheros SW10000 reel. The rod weight is for 2-6oz. lures, and has Berkley Big Game 20lb. test{I may be changing that to fluorocarbon}

I want to see if there are any" Very" active fish first. I have a 6in. pencil popper in blue and white for this. I have learned from past experience not to listen to everything you hear. Stripers DO in fact hit surface lures in the spring, with a vengeance! My first cast is from just a little way down from the dam and just to the edge of the far corner. You'll see a little rocky area and that's my bullseye, just in front of that.That spot is deep and has fast current,stripers Will be there, they take turns gobbleing up the Herring that stack there.As soon as my lure hits the water I yank it Hard and reel like crazy to get my slack out. The lure should have made about a two foot drag and spray water all over the place , at the same time I jab the but end of the pole into my lower belly area{not lower}!and begin to pull up on the rod while reeling in short1-2ft.jerks. This makes it just look like an injured Herring is trying to get away from something really fast. My eyes are Glued to the area 120ft.or more from me until I can definitely see my lure or the first explosion of a fish. I"ve had Many first cast hook-ups here. Don't give up if you don't hook up there, I"ve had many more fish hit right up to the end of the cast right near shore. I"ll fish this lure right down to the calmer water as far as 200ft. below the dam. My avatar pic shows me holding a" first cast striper" At this very spot, using that exact technique.

As long as your lure is moving and spraying water all over the place you really cant go wrong, you really can't over work this lure in this area or fish it too fast, Stripers are strong and fast, top water lures drive them crazy!

Lets go back to the dam and fish down again, {rod#2}this time I'm using a smaller nine ft. two piece Cabelas Whuppin' Stick and a Penn 750ss reel with Stren High impact 20lb. line. Its an older line I"ve had in storage{properly stored}I don't care too much for Stren as I use Trilene most of the time. That's my personal preference, but this line is ungodly strong,resiliant to rocks and that's all I need for this area. I'm gonna switch to jigs now.

A three ounce jig is a bit over-kill here, so I'm gonna use a 2oz. that I tied. It has a very long tail, about 4in. This will keep the lure in an area of water just under the top current but not too close to the bottom, I"ll get to that area soon enough, that's a very difficult area to fish here, and your gonna lose lures.

Click on my avatar pic and go to my pics album to see what lure{jigs} I'm referring to.

I'm using a shorter rod {#2} for control purposes, this is more of delicate presentation, and I need to" feel" this lure. This first cast goes straight across just in front of the dam. I'm gonna let it set just for a quick second then slowly and rhythmicaly jerk it back in 1ft.increments. This allows me to slowly seek and search an area of mid-depth water, the tail keeps it "swimming" torward the current in between jerks. Its not always exact due to water release from the dam, but it lets me slow down a bit and focus on my retrieve. I"ll fish this and cover area down 200ft. again.

Fishing bottom area here is definite suicide for your lures. But on occasion it must be done, use jigs like I said and you wont feel so bad when you hook up with a trophy Hudson River rock fish. I"ve had a few times in the Fall when I was able to fish this area alone, but that is not the case here, it will be April and May the weather will bring out tons of anglers and it Will be crowded. I Have seen 7" lures stuck through peoples ears who were standing too close to another casting angler. Use proper ethics while fishing near others, if you would like to talk to some one, put your pole down as not to threaten their spot and walk over slowly. People love to talk and share information, its just courtesy. You can use just about any larger Herring like lure here but they are usually expensive,so use caution there.

O.K. so keep it simple and have fun, the Dam is an experience!!!!ps.If you hear "Fish-On" please be courteous and reel in as not to interfere with another angler!!
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Old 04-10-2015, 11:14 AM
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Default Re: Albany-HudsonRiver-101,BeginnersClinic,Fishing the FederelDam part2

Another great write up man ... thanks for sharing !

Fish don't care if it's raining & you can't catch em' from your couch ... so get out fishing !!!
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Old 04-21-2015, 02:40 PM
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Default Re: Albany-HudsonRiver-101,BeginnersClinic,Fishing the FederelDam part2

Great insight and great looking bucktail jigs and spinnerbaits!
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albanyhudsonriver101, beginnersclinic, federeldam, fishing, part2

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