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Old 03-19-2015, 06:59 PM
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Default Albany-HudsonRiver-101BeginnersClinic-Baitfishing,Part2

The tide is now in,the water is high to the bank,I"m relaxed enough to bait fish. The first thing I did was select My spot,I have many in mind already. I don't want to be near anyone for this. This gives me time to focus on the science of what I'm about to do. Lets get entirely complicated. In my backpack I have a baitfishing bag. The contents are- one 5oz. pyramid sinker,two 4oz.pyramid sinkers,two 3oz.pyramids and one 2oz.pyramid.I like pyramids because they stick to the bottom, and don't roll all over the place.I have packs of #8/0 hooks in a few styles, lets stay with circle hooks. I have huge barrel swivels, bigger the better,and sinker clip sliders. I have a small very sharp knife,and toe nail clippers. The first thing I do is totally clip the lure off rod#1{ my 11ft. w/ shimano baitrunner reel} I then pull out 30in. of line and clip that off. I slide a weight slider onto the line connected to the pole and tie my barrel swivel to that line with an improved clinch knot, I basically run my line twice through the eye of the barrel swivel before I twist it 4-5 times then tie it. I then tie my 30in piece to the barrel swivel the same way, tie my circle hook on, and that's ready. It doesn't have to be 30in. but at least 24" is good. I have already caught 2-3 Herring and have them smelly beasts in a gallon zip-lock. I grab the best looking one, cut it in half, stick my hook through its mouth and out its head. Now the tricky part. My rods can handle about and up to4-6 oz. I'm about maxed out here. With my 4oz.weight and herring attached, I'm going to lob the whole set-up out up and across as far as I can. When it hits the water, I follow and pull the line up river quickly to reduce slack. The current is going to play a mother nature role on this whole procedure, and I'm gonna play back!The whole object was to get it to stick in a desired spot and keep it there. I do this at High tide usually about an hour into it. That's so the river is usually working in our favor and not racing so much.Now, I set the pole into its holder and adjust my Baitrunner to the pull of current.Now I'm baitfishing, I can keep an eye on things, have a bite to eat, and start casting lures again. This whole process took me about 5minutes,start to finish. I check my bait often, about every fifteen minutes, there are tons of eels and catfish that will chew your bait to nothing. I don't stay long in any spot, maybe 45min. But then I don't move too far to my next spot either.The schools move through rather quickly at times. The reason I like to be alone at this time is because I'm casting and watching my set-up, If I hook up with either, I need to move and adjust myself accordingly so as not to tangle my lines, or get in the way of others. This is a time to relax, keep focused, and totally get a feel for the river. Remember to bring your camera, take selfies of you and your set-up and everything else that may come your way, hopefully fish!! Remember to check out my pics album to see some of what I"ll be using for lures! Now that wasn't so complicated!!!
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Old 03-23-2015, 06:22 AM
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Default Re: Albany-HudsonRiver-101BeginnersClinic-Baitfishing,Part2

Good posts, thanks! I moved them to the Hudson River forum where they'll be more applicable.

One tip. Use of paragraphs would make it easier to read
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Old 03-23-2015, 10:25 AM
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Default Re: Albany-HudsonRiver-101BeginnersClinic-Baitfishing,Part2

Good write up man.
Thanks !
Fish don't care if it's raining & you can't catch em' from your couch ... so get out fishing !!!
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Old 03-23-2015, 06:17 PM
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Default Re: Albany-HudsonRiver-101BeginnersClinic-Baitfishing,Part2

Good luck finding good shore spots on the river where you can freely move around without anyone else nearby
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Old 03-24-2015, 03:54 PM
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Default Re: Albany-HudsonRiver-101BeginnersClinic-Baitfishing,Part2

Nice write up.
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Old 03-24-2015, 04:44 PM
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Default Re: Albany-HudsonRiver-101BeginnersClinic-Baitfishing,Part2

Have done almost all boat fishing the last 10 years but that will change this year. I have some good ideas on where to go based on my travels in the boats.

I have quite a few seasons fishing the cape cod canal and I see the similarities in the hudson. The current is strong on the hudson but not as vicious as the canal.

Since we need to get herring I'll go with the 3 rod plan. One light to get bait the other two for monster casts with bait and/or lures. My current setups are 3 st croix benn doerr rods, 8 1/2', 11' and 10' in med , med/heavy and heavy respectively. The small one wears a penn ss750 and the bigger two ss850. All made when st croix and penn were all USA only made. The 750 and 850 share most parts besides the spools and bail.

Put a small crippled herring or castmaster on the end of a sabiki on the 8 1/2' to get herring. That is how I get mackerel in the canal. The 11' is a lure launcher and handles up to 5 oz great, but will also heave chunk when called on. The 10' shines for heaving chunk or the really heavy lures when the wind is in your face. I keep extra spools with different test handy.

I use heavier fluorocarbon leaders for bait. Sometimes with a fishfinder, sometimes with a hi/lo rig. I get the most distance with a single bait on a hi/lo rig, you can bounce bait in the current with this setup much like fishing a crippled herring. I pre-tie the leaders and store them in a CD jacket.

I still need to experiment with lures in the river so I'm open to suggestions.

Have used crippled herring, castmasters, deadly dicks, poppers, needlefish, and soft plastics in the canal and they all have their place. In the river something silver/herring like should be the ticket?

Concerning bait, anybody do eels in the river?
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Old 03-24-2015, 05:01 PM
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I have to say Newburg north everyone really uses herring. they are relatively easy to get scap net Sabiki's ext, but eels do work either whole live or chunk. i have caught them on both. just depends on conditions.
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Old 04-04-2015, 11:54 AM
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Default Re: Albany-HudsonRiver-101BeginnersClinic-Baitfishing,Part2

Using eels as bait, I have used eels in the past, they must be no longer than 14" I believe. Check the N.Y.S. regs. to be sure. A trick I learned from an old timer shore angler was to cut the tail fin off so that the eel can't burrow into the bottom mud. Boaters can keep the eels off the bottom easier than shore anglers.
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albanyhudsonriver101beginnersclinicbaitfishing, part2

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