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Hudson River The mighty Hudson River reports information and Discussion

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Old 03-17-2015, 07:25 PM
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Default Albany-Hudson River- 101, Beginners Clinic

I was once a newbie, nothing wrong with that! Every few years or so ,I choose a new fish to Hunt for. Most times by mistake, I catch something, and WHOA! gotta learn more.And I"ve been doing it for 40 years. When I first see a body of water, lets use the Hudson, I see things. When I first started fishing on little streams,I was able to see the flow of water in and around bends, over rocks etc.. and saw the way little fish were holding in that tiny current. Now increase that, and magnify it times a million. Lets make a scenario of a perfect day on the Hudson. First off,I"m gonna be using lures .Its gonna be a sunny day, about 68deg., mid May. The water temp is now 50 plus deg. Lets be there and ready for first High Tide, {pretend its morning} I can already tell what color lure I'm going to be using on rod #1 and have rod #2 set up with a neutral color lure, probably different for presentation purposes. I'm going to be fishing from the I-90 bridge and down river to the Corning Preserve. Rod#1 is an11ft. spinning rod,has a very large reel with 25lb. line. It has a 2 1/2oz spinner bait, blue and white with silver Flashabou tinsel.I"m fishing an area that is approx. 200plus yrds. across, and up to 20plus feet deep. #1 lure will let me seek out a large area of water rather quickly. By using a method of a clock face, I cast out 120ft. the current is now at almost a stand still on top with high tide, but moving below.I let the lure fall with slight tension,the lure is falling 1ftper sec.and moving with the current.At ten seconds I'm retrieving slowly and have covered from 12pm to almost2pm on the clock.The lure is deep,around 15-18ft. Reeling in slowly my lure is now at 3pm and I'm reeling in to finish.Using this method, works well with jigs in the 2-3oz.size,and you'll be able to find bottom and rock forms as well.Being able to cover water and find active fish is essential, I"ll use my bicycle mostly to cover area, and have a small arsenal of lures to cast at premium locations. During days I go deep at high tide, but am able to cover all depths of water during the retrieve-WITH ONE LURE!!! Trust me I use all kinds.I try to keep them simple, jigs.are first choice, big deep diving plugs, shallow plugs 2nd ,and top waters and needles at night. By slowly moving down river and casting, one should be able to start seeing and studying the river. Don't get stuck fishing one spot! LEARN the river, and move.Any good fisher will give you tips out there, watch them and learn, I totally enjoy showing newbies stuff. It took me years to learn. I"ll talk about bait and how to fish that stuff in another thread. But if you do fish bait, have a casting rod ready, or you might just fall asleep waiting. This is why I stress using lures and moving around to the newbie, its fun,and you"ll see a whole lot more. Don't forget the camera! please check out my pics album to see some of what I"ll be using this spring!!! P.S.!!! I just found an article in the "Boaters Forum" titled "jig fishing 101" fishing deep with jigs- A MUST READ!!!! kid you not, a must for any angler that wants to know more about my favorite "go to lure"

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