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Old 09-02-2013, 02:50 PM
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Default Need some advice

I've scoured the forums for info but can't find anything relevant and I'm hoping that there will be some people with personal experience with my particular quandary whom will chime in. I'm Ben BTW. I fish exclusively in moving water from a kayak or canoe, primarily in Alabama for spotted bass. However, i have many vivid memories of me and my dad getting into stripe as a kid and they have always held a special place in my heart. They simply aren't found in the majority or the free flowing creeks and rivers that I fish. However, a friend of mine recently discovered a small, swift water creek that contains some nice stripers and because he knows that I love them, he told me about it. We've fished this creek 3 times: the first time it was high and muddy, and we caught about 6 good stripe 8-10lbs. The second time, it was lower but still higher than normal and not muddy but dingy; we caught 6 again but this time they ranged from 3-10 lbs with most of them smaller. The third time, the creek was at normal flow and was crystal clear. I was absolutely AMAZED at the sheer number of stripers that were stacked up in a few of the holes in this creek. I could see them plain as day, but alas they would not bite anything i had to offer. Now keep in mind I'm a bass fisherman so I was throwing bass lure. We caught all the others on the previous 2 outtings on white spinnerbaits and white chatterbaits with a white swimbait as a trailer. They wouldn't even look at these offerings in the clear water. Now to my question: how does one go about catching stripe (these were saltwater striped bass BTW, not hybrids) in a shallow, clear creek. These fish come out of a lake, but are 5 or more miles upstream from the lake in this creek because the creek has 4 or 5 very cold springs that run into it. The fish are there for thermal refuge. I also wonder if they will be there all year or if they are just there for the summer. Does anyone have any insight on whether or not these fish will be here all year long, and how I can catch them? Sorry for the long post. I would truly appreciate any input. I'm not against live bait but it wouldn't be my first choice if there is a good way to catch them on artificials.
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Old 09-03-2013, 08:18 AM
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Default Re: Need some advice

They can be finicky! Often tough to catch in clear daylight conditions. My only advice is to try and match what the natural prey for them would be in that area. Keep trying what has worked, experiment with new, and maybe try fishing in darker conditions.
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Old 09-03-2013, 10:16 PM
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Default Re: Need some advice

i fish the hudson river spring run primarily. we do not have any impounded stripers here, but the same patterns will hold true as i also do alot of shallow creek run fishing for stripers from ost spawn deep into summer and again good in the fall. i usually scout them out with large bass lures, 1/2 oz and 3/4 rattle traps, x-raps and swimbaits. i get some 24" on bass lures and bigger but by far swimbaits have been catching me the most and biggest fish. 5.5" shadlicious hollow bodied swimbait. i increased my sucsess greatly by running it on an alabama rig with 3, 4.5 swimbaits and a willow leaf blade on top wire from a spinnerbait and trailed by the 5.5" swimbait. ive been nailing em and all fish were caught on the 5.5" trailer except for when i got doubles. the water i fish is a tidal headwater with fair- swift current and 4-8ft range. they like turbulance and good ambush points in current. all my best days have been in staind- murky water, maybe down to 4" visibility. a stout rod is needed to throw he rig and at least 17lb mono or at least 20lb braid a high speed reel helps keep out of snags. if its to snaggy try a side by side 3 way alabama rig. hope this helps, good luck and tight lines
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