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Old 06-22-2011, 10:37 PM
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Default Fishing S & SSW winds

Is there a particular strategy to use when fishing S & SSW wind? I fish from the beach Monmouth county NJ and have limited time when I can fish. It seems every time I am able to fish the wind is blowing from the right or S & SSW. I heard this is not a good thing. Last time out it was full moon at high tide wind blowing from right. Current was very strong and this made for tough conditions on open beach. Is it worth going out under these conditions? What strategies are there? Lure choices? Thanks for any input.
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Old 07-12-2011, 12:12 AM
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Default Re: Fishing S & SSW winds

i didn't see this originally so sorry. the open beach with wind parallel is not entirely a bad thing. although you've heard wind against the tide aint all that good but... in your case i'm not sure of the wind direction in which you are standing. ie: is the wind coming from the sw or blowing toward it? with the way the current is moving it could matter some. ideally, wind in your face East is great but, your focus shouldn't be on the wind. it should be on the structure in front of you and what the water is doing. cause wind will change at the drop of a hat and by golly.... the surf is what's gonna tell you what to do.
1. you can't just stand in one spot and throw plugs/jigs and say "what am i doing wrong? or -- theres no fish here". the later is true... there are no fish there or your not fishing it right. you have to move around from spot to spot and figure out what the water is doing and what you need to do the minute you figure that out. in the search button above.. key in READING THE BEACH. read all you can in order to learn how to locate structure along the shoreline. lots of great threads and posts to read here. take advantage of some good reading and you'll see that wind is a factor but only if it prevents you from fishing in it. i have had my best night of fishing on a sw wind.

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Old 07-12-2011, 09:25 AM
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Default Re: Fishing S & SSW winds

I aggree with Zim... S/SW wind is THE wind where I fish... as far as full moon.. you don't need to spend too much time searching on thios site to see how I feel about the full moon.. 4 of my last 5 "50's" have come under or within a day or two of the full moon...

People seem to forget one thing when it comes to moon, tide and wind... the fish dont just dry up and disappear.. they are somewhere....thiose that seem to "always" catch fish don't wait for a specific moon tid or wind... they learn to fish with whats given them...If I waited for the optimal conditions before I fished...I'd be limited to one trip every two weeks instead of fishing 3 or 4 nights a week...
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Old 07-12-2011, 11:59 PM
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Default Re: Fishing S & SSW winds

particular time to fish? okay, an approaching storm front from the west behind you. as long as the air pressure is already near high,, this is when fish come close to feed. it is not predicate on wind and tide and is one of the things to look for when surf fishing. normally i'd let you figure that one out for yourself but i'm figuring you work and have not the time as most of us do. as per attack? things like a darter or pencil are hard to get going in those conditions you spoke of "not entirely impossible" but a danny or a slopehead or bottle plug come to mind. there are still big bunker all over by you. fish get tight to the beach with that wind there (some would disagree with me on that one cuz they aint caught chit that way). that's cuz they chuck a plug out into timbuktu when she's in the cut right in front of them. like i said, putting time on the water and thinking like a hungry fish underwater looking for food will make you think about it out there. sounds corny but sooner or later you will SEE what a fish sees just by location and put the right presentation out there for her. i;m no brain surgeon and certainly a BS artist if i were to say i was a sharpie/proffessional. we made this site for reasons like this. to help guys navigate thier way to catch fish. most of the originals still adhere to that philosophy but quite a few have fell the way of BS artist/sharpie... this internet makes professional fishermen out of everyone in no time. my word, just read and learn all you can. post success and failure collectively and ask fella's and girls (yes, you'd be amazed at some of the women that can fish a plug) on the beach and baitshops what you wanna know/learn. no shame in not knowing... but there is in not asking... all the roads to learning begin in the dark and then come out into the light. it'a a EUREKA moment when you figure chit out. and you are gonna do this thing we do for fifty more years and i guarantee you that at that point you will remember what i said and go "god, i still have more to learn about this gig".... it's all about the fishing.... the cold/ heat/rain/snow/aches and pains/blood and insomnia all are part of the fun and the more you push yourself the more success you will have. just be safe in all you do and keep posting... i particularly liked this post.

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