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Old 08-07-2011, 01:56 AM
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Default World Record striper? Maybe Not

World Record Striper? Maybe Not

It's hard to say. There have been lots of rumors out there and I am starting this thread to put the facts together. Not because one fisherman deserves the credit more than another but to keep our so highly prized stripers where they need to be, prized. Us striper fisherman (& all fisherman) hold our fish in such high regard, we don't need hoaxs or cheats making our coveted fish anything less. When I first heard the news of the record breaker I was pumped, put a 11 hr session in. But when i came home to get updates and heard this all may be a hoax; well it was like a low blow. Now i'm not saying the 81.88 pounder caught by Greg Myerson is either but lets get the facts.
I am going to list some concerns and would like others to share what they know.
First lets get ride of the rumor that the fish was caught in a net because of the redness of the fins, here are pics of the monster fresh still on the boat. It is obvious that the fish had been man handled after coming ashore. So all who think it was caught by net rest ashored, it doesn't seem like it.

Second is this guy didn't go to no hospital for a heart attack or panic attack, be bruised a rib from bringing this behmoth into the boat. I found this from a interview of Mr.Myerson with feild and stream, can be found here

third i have a source that spoke with Mr.Myerson who says Myerson's fish measured 54" length and 31" girth. now the fish is 1" longer than Al McReynolds but 3 1/2" slimmer. I'm no growth expert but I would think a fish 3 1/2" wider would way more, no? If anyone is more knowledgeable on this please, shed some light.

Fourth why was the name of the angler changed? Was it just a mix up, was this guy Al Stromski on the boat or just a friend? Hopefully Myerson clears it up for us.

Finally why wait so long to have it entered to be a world record? It is my understanding that if the fish sits it loses weight. i would want every pound possible, wouldn't you? Seems fishy(no pun intended). Myerson fishes tournments and wins them so his name is known. I don't feel a guy like that is affraid of spotlight so whats the deal. Now I can't find any info stating he hasn't already entered it but also can't find info saying he has. why? I know about the guys hospital visit but i can't find out what I wanna know, is it entered and will I possibly have a new all time high to TRY and beat? Lame or Shady? I guess you decide.

A a fisherman who is in hunt of a true trophy such as this I applaud Mr. Myerson in his ability to catch monsters on a consistant basis. As a 2 time striper cup tournament winner, he is deemed professional in my book. with that being said, as a fisherman (mr. myerson) that is used to being in the tournement spot light i say lets get it done already, enter the fish to the IGFA! Face the criticism head on with the facts!
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Old 08-07-2011, 09:55 AM
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Default Re: World Record Striper? Maybe Not, I'D SAY OH YES VERY TRUE

Looks Very Legit to me and I would like to say Congradulations to Greg Myerson of Westbrook for FINALLY beating that old Record and he did it on a Boat too. So Boat Guys rule once again lol.
Here's the story from Field and Stream

Pending IGFA approval here's the new 81.8 lbs World Record Striper

As reported from Field and Stream :

In September of 1982, Albert McReynolds weighed a 78.8-pound
striped bass at a tackle shop near Atlantic City, New Jersey. He caught the fish the night prior, standing on the wave-pounded Ventnor Avenue jetty casting a Rebel plug. The catch, which claimed the spot of all-tackle world record, immediately turned McReynolds’ world upside down, earning him nationwide attention, tackle company endorsements, and lots of money. Of course, with such a catch come accusations. Though everything from lead-stuffing to finding the fish dead on the sand was rumored in an effort to disqualify the catch, it remained in place for nearly 30 years. But it may have fallen today.
Though the catch has not yet been certified by the IGFA, angler Greg Myerson brought in a bass that supposedly pinned the needle of a Westbrook, CT, tackle shop scale at 81.8-pounds. Immediately Internet rumors began to fly, some claiming the catch was a hoax, but many claiming to be eye witnesses to striper-fishing history. Pictures began flooding online forums. Arguments over whether the fish was caught on an eel or live porgy buzzed on blogs. So we tracked down Myerson less than 24 hours after he boated his bass to get the real story…one which may trump McReynolds’ tale and secure Myerson the most coveted saltwater all-tackle record of all time – Joe Cermele

Myerson was following his regular routine when he drifted his boat over a submerged boulder near Outer Southwest Reef off the coast of Westbrook, Connecticut, around 8 p.m. on August 4, trailing a live eel a few feet off the bottom.
“There’s often big fish behind the boulder, and I always hit it on my way out to Six Mile Reef to fish for the night,” Myerson says. The first drift yielded a hard strike, but no fish. On the second drift, he set the hook against another hard strike and watched as a striper started to pull his boat against the tide before settling heavily on the bottom.

Additional Info

Though the catch has not yet been certified by the IGFA, angler Greg Myerson brought in a bass that supposedly pinned the needle of a Westbrook, CT, tackle shop scale at 81.8-pounds.

“I couldn’t budge him at first,” says Myerson, who uses a heavy duty 6- foot St. Croix tuna rod and a Quantum Cabo reel spooled with 50-lb. Berkley Gorilla Braid to handle big stripers. “Then he took off on a real good run, and I had to tighten the drag because he was burning line fast. He stripped about 60 yards of line against the current.”
“I noticed the line rising, and I told my buddy, ‘Watch this, the fish is going to break the surface.’ He porpoised out of the water and I got my first look at him. Oh, man, I knew I had something special then. It’s only the big stripers that will jump like that. I was just hoping the hook was stuck good.”
The fight only lasted 20 minutes, but “seemed like eternity,” Myerson says. “He kinda lost some steam and started coming back toward the boat and I was able to gain a lot of line. Then the net got stuck on the boat’s swimming platform and wouldn’t come off. The fish was ready to be netted and we were in a little bit of a panic mode for a minute. We finally freed the net and got the fish in the boat.”
Another look revealed how close someone else had come to setting the new world record: the striper had a hook and about 6 ft. of leader in its mouth, evidence of a recent hookup that had broken off.
Lots of folks would have headed straight for the nearest scale: Myerson headed to Six Mile Reef to fish out the tide. Using his standard night bait of live eels (“I use the giant eels nobody else uses; if something’s gonna grab it, I know it’s big”) for the next 2 hours he pulled a dozen more stripers out of the sea, all the time running back to the fish hold to peer at his prize catch. “I kept saying, ‘Is that fish really that big? Yep, it is.”
With no certified scale available at that hour, Myerson didn’t officially weigh his catch until 8:30 the next morning, nearly 12 hours after he caught it. The 54-inch striper spent the night packed in ice in a cooler. The crowd gathered at the dock soon morphed into a big party, and Myerson reports, “This morning I was home in bed smelling like fish and with a major headache.” And with a pending world record in his back pocket.

Another big crowd was on hand when Myerson showed up to weigh the fish at Jack’s Shoreline Bait and Tackle in Westbrook. Many—including Myerson himself—were shocked when the scale topped 80 pounds.
Owner Jack Katzenbach says there’s one thing that’s no surprise: “If anyone was going to catch a world record, it was going to be Myerson,” he says. “He’s a regular in here and in the last year alone he’s had three fish over 60 pounds.”
One, a 68.75-lb. striper caught this time last year on the same reef, was until now the biggest striper Katzenbach had ever seen.

The madhouse scene of flashing cameras and shouted questions was all too much for Myerson. “I’m a private person, and I wasn’t exactly feeling my best this morning,” he says. “I told Jack, ‘I’ve had enough. I’m out of here,’ and I left.”
Rumors started buzzing around the Internet that Myerson had a panic attack and drove himself to the hospital. “That’s not true at all. I don’t know where the hell that came from. It just proves how asinine some people can be when a big fish is involved. It’s crazy.”
There’s another rumor he can put to rest: Reports that Myerson won’t enter the fish as a world record? Bunk, he says.
“I’d be an ass if I didn’t, wouldn’t I?” Yet at the same time, he says, “I don’t care about the world record. I broke my all-time record, and that’s what really matters to me.”
Lots of people say that when they set a world record. But Myerson seems to genuinely mean it.
“I just like to fish. I’ve been doing it most of my life,” he says. “I’ve fly-fished all over the world. I have a trout stream in my front yard, and I bought my house for that reason. I have trout that I feed pellets every morning while I’m having my coffee.”

He started at 12, from a wooden Brockway Skiff outfitted with an 8-horsepower motor.
“My parents wouldn’t let me go past the town dock, but I’d always sneak out to the reefs to fish for bass. No instruments, no nothing.”
The top fish in this photo is a mount of a 55-lb. striper he caught on one of those sneakaways. “Ever since then it’s been a love,” he says.
Last year he won the Angler of the Year in On the Water magazine’s Striper Cup competition and was presented a mount of his 68.75-lb. striper, the lower wall-mounted fish in the photo. But that striper wasn’t the biggest he’d caught.
Several years ago he boated a 71-pounder in his favorite spot, and after weighing and measuring it on the boat, he released it.
“I held it for a minute and then tossed it overboard,” Myerson says. “My buddy was mad. He said, ‘You’re crazy.’ Maybe I am. I say you can’t keep taking without sometimes giving back.”

It remains to be seen, of course, whether this is just the beginning of the same kind of full-blown frenzy that engulfed McReynolds after his record catch almost 30 years ago. One thing’s for sure—Myerson isn’t waiting around to see what happens.
After visiting a doctor to check out an injury sustained while boating the pending-record fish (he slipped and banged his side on a gunwale while lifting the striper in the boat; an X-ray confirmed his ribs were only bruised, not broken), Myerson headed out for another night of chasing giants. He fretted that he might not be able to fish his usual spot, because there’d be people watching, ready to mark his honey-hole.
On a Personal note I would just like to Congradulate Greg Myerson and wish him all my best
Captain Paul Peluso
www.MamaMiaFishing.Net 631-399-2400

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Old 08-07-2011, 06:56 PM
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Default Re: World Record striper? Maybe Not

Originally Posted by outtasight View Post
World Record Striper? Maybe Not!
Really? Why not You have 3 posts, one of which is this one...the other was you trying to score a free plug and another post about this record fish. Who are you to be judge and jury for this guy? Why Can't you give the guy his 15 minutes of fameand let the IGFA determine what's up. Plenty of records are broken, why is it that there has to be some sort of controversy with a Striped Bass Record? The guy put in his time, has plenty of other big Stripers to his name.....
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Old 08-07-2011, 08:27 PM
outtasight outtasight is offline
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Default Re: World Record striper? Maybe Not

What does me only having 3 posts have to do with anything. Yes I'm new to the forum but does that make these concerns anything less? Anyone following from the beginning would have to admit there has been a shroud of mystery around this fish.
Yes records are made to be broken, but not this one. Greg Myerson will NOT be entering the "81.88lber" to the IGFA. He said so himself, now if its because of technical reasons I feel for him. But if he was trying to cheat us, well shame on him.

Al Mcreynolds 78.8lbs striper remains the world record. He went through it why shouldn't Greg Myerson.

FYI- Don't know bout you but my pockets are empty if I can enter a raffle for a free plug I'm gonna do it.
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Old 08-07-2011, 11:43 PM
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Default Re: World Record striper? Maybe Not

3 posts and in those first 3 bring up a highly controversial topic like this. Challenging it seems like you just want to cause a big stir. Why cause a controversy? Were you there? Can you testify to the "mystery"? I've read nothing about any mystery other than some people talking trash on internet forums. Let the man be....the IGFA will decide, not the people judging them because they are jealous it isn't their fish up there getting weighed. How about giving some legitimate input before starting to stir the pot. Just my 2 cents.....If I offend you, sorry, I just hate to see everyone badmouth this catch.
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Old 08-08-2011, 12:44 PM
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Default Re: World Record striper? Maybe Not

Lets keep it civil here please... it's a hell of a fish... lets let the people with the scale and official weights and measures do the deciding..because none of us have seen the fish in person .. Knowing a thing or two about outsized fish myself having bested 15 fish over 50lbs, including a 61, I find the 5" mouth kind of odd...that mouth belongs on a 20lb fish... I also question why he is posing the "same" fish with at least 4 differanr shirts on?.. other than that the thing is a beast with a gut like Santa clause...some pictures show it's true size better than others....However you slice it, it's a great catch.. and what he decides to do with it is solely his buisness.. hats off to Mr Meyerson on a fantastic fish.
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Old 08-08-2011, 01:55 PM
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Default Re: World Record striper? Maybe Not

The heck with rumors! Rumors are negative and deceptive at times. I don't listen to 'em only facts.
I too have heard of such and if this fish were legit. but ya know what? Who cares! It's a big bass, weighed and good to go as far as I'm concerned!

<*((())))>< <*((())))><
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Old 08-08-2011, 10:48 PM
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Default Re: World Record striper? Maybe Not

Sorry guys...didn't mean to stir the pot, just wanted to see credit where credit is due! Regardless of anything, it is a GREAT Fish and I can't wait to see if it is recorded as a new world record!!
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