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Old 09-24-2012, 12:09 PM
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Default Porgy Behavior? Whats better: Anchor and Chum or Drift & Jig?

Hey guys I have a question about Porgy behavior that I can’t seem to find anywhere online.

Me and my friend are planning a porgy trip on our kayaks. We live on the shore and there is an extremely rocky area of the sound that we fish all time. Lately I’ve been jigging 1/4oz jigs with soft rubbers and hitting tons of searobbins, some porgies, short fluke, baby sea bass, snapper, and even a schooly bass one night. Soon we will be back out there for Blackfish. But right now we’re planning to take the yaks over these rocks and fish around a little farther out than the jetti would permit us for some Porgies before they leave for winter.
I suggested that we stick with what has been working and jig some gulp alives while drifting on our kayaks. My friend says we should anchor up and chum if we want to catch porgy. We know they’re there, so we just want to get as many as we can.

I was/am under the impression that Porgies hide in and around rocks and will attack their prey as it enters their line of vision, therefore I thought that drifting over the whole of the area and jigging these bright colored rubbers would be best. However looking at some videos it may seem to be that Porgies kind of scan the bottom and swim in routes around certain areas like searobbin do; i.e. actively seeking out their next meal. Is this correct? If so, does this mean that chumming will be effective and the scent of bait will draw the Porgies out and bring them to us?

I know I’m asking a lot, so even if you can just give me something like “anchoring with bait has worked better for me than drifting/jigging” or vice versa I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Oh and last question; clam or squid? I prefer clam but I know that the fluke love squid and I'm sure there will be a few around!
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Old 09-25-2012, 10:18 PM
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Default Re: Porgy Behavior? Whats better: Anchor and Chum or Drift & Jig?

Not sure where you are fishing from....
Reefs are good areas to start, but you will also find good porgy populations around any type of hard broken shell bottom such as clam beds and mussel beds.
Depending what type of bottom I am fishing dictates whether I will drift or anchor...I also don't like drifting through a fleet of anchored boats like some knuckleheads with no clue like to do...so of I get to the grounds and moat boats are anchored I will do the same provided there is room on the structure....but overall I like to anchor for them.
Clams are the ticket...worms are very good as well but obviously more expensive. I have also caught them good on little chunks of spearing. Make sure you salt your fresh clams to be used as bait before hand if possible....helps them stay on the hook a little better.....I keep at least a half bushel and crack a few over the side every now and then to really get them going
Good luck!
Capt Carl DiMenna 610.462.5688. Highlands N.J
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Old 04-10-2013, 06:45 PM
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Default Re: Porgy Behavior? Whats better: Anchor and Chum or Drift & Jig?

Anchor up my friend, drifting can cause a lot of lost rigs or they may rub against some structure and get some knicks in the line and when you have a fish on bam lost rig or lost fish.
Just my preference.
Clams are great for bait they stay on the hook very well and they're basically the go to bait for porgy's.
I personally go with some squid strips, nothing more than 2-3 inches long in length.
They all cling onto the hooks like beasts!! But it all depends on where you're fishing, sometimes the clams will work better sometimes the squids will outfish the clams.
For the most part chumming isn't really necessary, the clams spread out a lot of scent as it is, but if you're using fresh clams, and shucking them from the shell, toss the clam bellies over the side of the boat, it'll attract a lot of them over to your spot, and BAM!, you're in the bite.
Some say keep the clam bellies for the stripers but c'mon, you know you can live-line a porgy for a real monster bass.
I've never done it but I hear fishermans tales about these very often so I'm assuming it works.
Anyhow my best advice is to try out everything you can, you never know you may come up with a good secret.
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