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Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic. Saltwater and freshwater surfcasting. Plugging, Bait dunking and boating

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Old 03-13-2010, 01:14 PM
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Default that time of year again.

need i say safety first?
well, this seasons opening ZIM post will be dedicated to the folks who have everything but the kitchen sink at their disposal.
all but one minute item that is essential to any angler/fisherman/boater/skisher/and that item is.....
no, we're not breaking someone out of prison.
no, we're not breaking a nail and fixing it. "although some of you sissies use one for that".
every year I'll post something relevant to a day/night of fishing the shore for fish and rightly so, will be a necessity.
in any fishing situation. sometimes we have a lure/fly/jig IE; storm shads,bucktails,etc... that will be of short supply and in this event a file is of HUGE importance.
a sharp hook is one of theee most important aspects of fishing.
most of us have an ample supply of fly's plugs or jigs for the occasion. butttttttttt> many times that one item is theeeee one out of the box and theeeeee one and only producer.... if your hooks bang off the rocks/pilings/structure you don't even see down there. one thing can be certain is that your hook or hooks on your business end can be compromised. a dull hook on a jig or fly (not necessarily on a seven hooked plug) can be devastating when you learn of your simple mistake upon looking for the reason you lost her after the fact. having even the simplest of files like a stone or one of the diamond dust jammy's they sell will thwart the skunker loss of a lifetime. now, a file for most of us is better served as, we fish with larger stainless/nickel hooks. and although a stone will do some work. a file is more effective IMO. I'm not talking about the monster files your dad has left you in the garage since 1910 (although some of the smaller ones are of no equal in this regard). a tool that costs less than a bag of storm shads (and you can be sure those will dullen quickly and be rendered useless without sharpening)> is just one of the many things you should keep in your plug bag. i have snapped the handle off one and put the file end in a waterproof pouch (you don't neeed a monster file)
now, sharpening a hook is easy right?
doing it right is the key.
most of you know how to sharpen a hook with a file but,,
for those first learning to fish and do this thing we do? ( i will leave the illustrations some of you will need to see to the responders with more to add and critique).
your first position on the file is to hold it in the palm of your left hand (right hand if your left handed) and with the hook placed in your right hand hook down and point facing your body.... you place and slightly angle the hook down on the file and pull the hook toward you with pressure on the hook three passes and that's it.. making sure not to angle it too much to catch the hook point. just pass it three times to grind it down just a bit. then pass once maybe twice on the left side and the same on the right side of the hook. and you should be done. you would think pushing it away from you would make more sense but this is not the case. take some contaminated hooks that clearly are rendered useless and practice this technique as to get better at your craft. you will seldom find a guide anywhere who is not equipped with a file. so as my first post of the season for openers is done here i suppose i don't have to preach safety in the suds (or do i?) well then,,,
as always, be safe and know your limits out there. good luck this season to all of you. I'm so proud to call you all my friends,,, have fun...

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Old 03-13-2010, 02:13 PM
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Default Re: that time of year again.

Great post , Right to the point , I had a problem last year with a guy on shore about 10 or 12ft next to me every time his buck tail got snagged he would yank it as hard as he can to get it out and 2 out of the 3 times it flew out the water like a rocket back at him, I showed him how to let some line out and hope it comes free, I wonder if theres a surf fishing 101 book out there. Happy Fishing

Team: True Grit

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Old 03-13-2010, 02:57 PM
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Default Re: that time of year again.

it's here..
there are so many posts done on every subject.
it's just searching the subject matter and muddling thru all the posts. there really isn't much you can't find out by doing that. alot of posts that were contributed here can be difficult to access as most of the time threads offshoot into important facts that don't get readily seen till that thread rears its head down the road a piece. most won't muddle thru 125 posts when they search for something. the subject just comes up again and again and newer members or overzealous ones comment on what is beaten like a dead horse. but answered nevertheless by yours truly.

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time, year

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