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Old 06-12-2012, 02:31 PM
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Default Vacation report for 6-1 thru 6-10

Well it was a tough week to be on vacation, great to be out of the office but the weather was not very cooperative. Friday night I had a buddy come up from Mass and we did manage to fish for a few hours, though the bad weather moving in threatened to end our trip pretty quickly. I was planning on seeing some action before the storms moved in, butThe fish must have already been hunkered down offshore cause we didn't have a single bite between the 3 of us all night.

Saturday and Sunday were wash-outs during the day but we did manage to fish the parking lot at Camp Ellis for a few hours Sunday night. "The sea was angry that day my friend," though we were able to wet a couple lines over by the boat launch for a few hours. Luckily we were able to cast out and sit in the car most of the time but the conditions were rough even for the few minutes we spent changing bait or checking our lines. The wind didn't let up all night, steady gusts upwards of 20 mph combined with rain that varied from a steady drizzle to a complete downpour all night long. Again it was an uneventful evening with no hits and no fish on the evening.

Monday and Tuesday brought much of the same weather wise and a HUGE pile of seaweed/debris/trash moved in from the Pine Point area at a slow but steady pace. This was no small cluster but more comporable in size to a small island off the coast of the Carribean. Fishing was finally back on Tuesday night but once that "island" broke up at high tide and washed back out, the beach was littered as far as the eye could see in either direction. The conditions were still pretty crappy, although fishable, but there still didn't seem to be many fish around. We fished for 2 to 3 hours, no bites and constantly trying to keep up with the seaweed building up on our lines.

Wednesday I awoke to a much different scene, the sun was shinging the birds were chirping and things were looking up. It also happened to be June 6th, a notorious day for great fishing off the beach in Old Orchard. I made my rounds in the morning to see a few of my fellow fisherman as well as down to Camp Ellis to grab a dozen worms. All day long all I heard was how muddy the water was, how the bait wasn't around and that the stripers were nowhere to be found because the water was still chocolate-milk brown.....but I thought differently. With the bottom being turned up for nearly a week there should be a fair amount of bait floating around and where there's bait, there's usually fish. I headed out at low tide between a couple guys to my left and another guy to my right, almost all of whom were floating sandworms as I planned on doing. It didn't take very long as my rod shot down hard and I managed to land a respectable 35 1/2" fish that I estimate weighed 14-15 lbs. A few small fish followed (3 to be exact) ranging from 24-26", the middle of which I ended up keeping 'cause I couldn't get the damn hook out of his mouth for the life of me. I called my buddy to give him the reports with each fish landed and he soon joined me down the beach. No sooner did he show up my pole stopped bending over and his couldn't stay upright. He had 6 hits and landed 5 fish ranging from upper 20's to mid 30's, most of which were nice, healthy fish.

Thursday night we were back at it again, floating worms and hoping to mirror our success from the night before, but it wasn't to be. We were nestled in the same spot as the night before again surrounded by 2 guys to our left and a few to our right. We must have been in the wrong place 'cause fish were being caught all around us while our poles stood idly by without so much as a twitch. It's funny how that works, being the permanent fixtures down the beach we usually outfish the tourists night after night but this night it was not to be. We packed it up after 3 hours or so, no hits and no fish landed on the evening.

Friday afternoon I headed down to South Dennis to fish the Cape with my uncles as well as visit some family. An impromptu trip Friday afternoon under beautiful conditions, temps in the low 70's with a slight breeze, crystal clear water, produced no fish in 2 hours. I headed back out that night at low tide and no sooner did I show up the weather went from warm and calm to cool and windy as I watched a nasty thunder/lightning storm hammer Boston and the surrounding. Neither floating sandworms nor putting sand eels on bottom produced anything save for a couple small nibbles that I'd barely consider hits. The tide/landscape is a whole lot different down the Cape than it is in Old Orchard. The walk out is twice as far but the lights that guide me on my home turf were replaced only by a couple small porch lights, barely visible from the spot I was fishing. The lack of fish and now substantial amount of lightning I saw off in the difference eventually got the better or me and I wrapped it up just after midnight.

Saturday morning I awoke to my uncle telling me to get up as we had a trip planned to walk out to the flats and pick off fish as they come in a nice rip in the vicinity of Chapin Beach. I hurried to get a half a breakfast sandwich down and rig up a couple leaders as my uncle rushed me out the door. We walked for a good half hour, if not longer and finally reached the spot we planned on fishing, myself with a plug rod and he with the fly rod. As we began fan casting we noticed a seal not 20 yards from us with the same idea of picking off fish as they chased bait in to shore. We didn't have much action for the first hour, hour and a half when I noticed I'd popped a pin-sized hole in my waders, which quickly filled up to my knees with water thus ending my trip early. I gave my uncle the signal that I was leaving as I wasn't prepared to wade out without waders and he said he was staying for awhile. I got back to the beach, peeled my waders off, threw them over my shoulder and made the long trek back to the house. A few hours later my uncle returned to tell me not 20 minutes after I left the fishing turned on and he landed upwards of a dozen stripers ranging from upper 20's to mid 30 inches in size.

Saturday night after watching the Celtics get booted from the playoffs I was faced with the dillema of sleeping for a couple hours or just staying up to catch the early a.m. tide Sunday morning. I went with the latter and pounded a "jug" of iced coffee the size of two of those Big Gulps from 7-11. I ventured down to Chapin Beach and made 1/2 of the 20+ minute walk to fish the creek. Once again I had sandwomrs and sand eels at my disposal switching it up between floating and sitting on bottom. After a couple hours of sitting by without so much as a nibble under perfect conditions, I decided to pack up and walk the 2nd half of my journey. The weather was perfect, temps in the upper 60's still with just the slightest hint of a breeze, thankfully wadres were not necessary this evening. I walked another 15 minutes or so down the beach and threw out where the creek met the surf, with the highest of intentions on catching something no matter how long it took. My plans were once again thwarted as I managed only a small nibble again, fishing until 6:30 a.m. or so. The sunrise was beautiful, made me wish I had something better than my cell phone to take pictures with. I noticed a whole mess of bait right at my feet once the sun came up, but there didn't seem to be much chasing it. Fishing all night Saturday into Sunday wiped out any hopes of fishing that night after the 3+ hour drive home. Last night was a no-go as well as I slept on and off all afternoon. By the time I received the message from my fishing buddy about hittin the high tide last night it was too late. Ahhh well, only 4 fish landed all vacation, still beat the s**t outta coming to work every day. I really had high hopes of putting up double digiit numbers but as we all know, it's called fishing and not catching for a reason. Looking forward to my next go-round in September when all the big gals will be crusing the surf looking to feed their faces before the long trek home.
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