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Massachusetts Striped bass fishing in Massachusetts

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Old 05-02-2005, 11:17 PM
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Default First Bass (skunk) trip '05 season

Met up with Mr Bolt at Bridge Marina around 5 this evening,we were off the dock about 20 minutes latter( still dont have all my crap in the boat) My plan was to work the last half of the incoming tide from the mouth on up to the RT.95 bridge, making stops at key structure as we went,the wind had a bite to it and there was a chop on the bay as we headed for the badgers,on the way out I got all excited as I thought that I saw breaking fish,it was a combo of chop and seals!
Once at the badgers,wich is probably the hardest fished piece of structure in the river we had to do battle with wind and weedy water, I chose a 1-1/2 oz white uppermans style jig with a white pork rind Jonny had a jig with some stinky fish thing on it (although my 20 year old pork stunk just as bad!) The water was an icy 46 degrees,half a dozzen cast latter I moved up river 1/4 mile to set of pilings up current of a large mass of boulders,seems the only inhabitants there were a small heard of seals.
the wind was a PITA so I moved upriver about 3 miles where we spent some quality time tossing jigs at the base of the RT 1 bridge abutmants and a couple of known bass holes there.. Nada... We moved to the other side of the old RR trestle and workde a ridge that starts off at 10/ and plummets to 25' Zippo! I moved another mile upriver to a series of creek systems and ledges,there I swiched to a orange and black husky jerk(the water is still VERY muddy) the water temp up river was 50,the wind made it difficult to work the creeks so I moved another 1/2 mile up to a ledge in the narrows, we maded two nice drifts in the narrows,where the water goes from a 12' in the flat to 25' drop... no fish ,the water was up to 50.9 up here.
another 1/2 mile at a split in the main river where the main channel goes from 15-25' back up to 15 right next to the bank,no marks nada,we probed these depths with the jigs, I then moved up to "the bone yard" up under the Rt95 bridge,i marked some bait here and a few small fish,possibly shad, we worked the area over well still nothing as the tide turned to go out,from there we crossed the river and made a pass at a small outflow and a small rip behind the bridge abutment, darkness was upon us still no fish,we made one last stop at a known bass hole,the water here is up and down like a yo-yo with a maximum depth of 50' and a high of 14 at high tide! we had some big hooks on the screen on the bottom and on the edge of the hill,water temp here was up to 51.7, I power drifted to hold the boat in the wind and current and Jonny worked it over good, on the "last cast" he hung one of the high peaks and after driving up on it to save the jig we called it a night,it was great to be back on the water, I'm satisfied there are no fresh fish here yet,i'll try again on Thursday,tommorrow night I'm going trout fishing! Thanks Jonny for working hard,we'll get 'em next time...Thursday?????

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Old 05-02-2005, 11:37 PM
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Default Thanks for the report

Nice report, the wind died down here later on and I'm sure it lasted for awhile longer for you. There is life in the water now around here and I bet by this weekend thigs will really pick up for ya. There have been mixed reports all over the place around here but I think we are just starting to get into the fresh fish, every report that I can trust show bass on the smaller side and few with lice. This squid run that is on will put us on the bigger bass pretty soon. I hope to be able to troll tub and worm either this weekend or next but I'm only going to try it when I know there is a chance, the bay is still pretty spotty as far as marking fish goes.
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Old 05-03-2005, 02:17 AM
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Wow I'm tired! Joe, your sumthin' else bud ;) He's already got a report up!

Yeah we got beat up just a bit on the way back in from the mouth of the river. The ride out there was decent, but heading back in we were FACE FIRST to the wind, and blew right through my ears like it was through my head! lol. Once we got back to the docks and started working the Rte. 1 bridge the sun came out and nature treated Joe and I pretty nice for a small window of time.

Joe put us on some SERIOUS jig structure, and I mean SERIOUS. It was like heaven! If it was May 15th instead of May 3rd, we woulda been posting pics tonight :) and thats all I guts'ta say 'bout that We worked some great looking structure, and Joe "Isuzu" made a few of the nicest drifts I've seen in awhile 8)

"The Bone Yard" THATS some MAJOR LEAGUE structure!!! Put this way, you DO NOT want to be foolin' 'round out theya undah tha 95 bridge at low tide. Say BUH-BYE to ya lowah unit! It's E V I L :evil: Christ tha rocks in theya almost came to life, as I was "tinkin'", I thought I had a fish on at one point! lol

Thanks for the buggy ride Joe. As he mentioned, it was GREAT to be back on some water after such a HORRID wintah. I'm down fa Thursdee :) Hopefully Mother Nature serves up a treat. We deserve it! We worked the water hard!, and although we couldnt coax a bite, we still know there was somethin' down in theya!

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Old 05-03-2005, 07:57 PM
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Man I wish I was there with you two guys. I'd learn more in 1 trip than reading things all year. lookin forward to gettin up to New England this year for a weekend or two. Mass is beautiful. Maybe me and Zim can drive up for the hampton Bash.
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