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Rhode Island Fishing Rhode Island striped bass fishing - Local discussion & reports

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Old 05-25-2005, 01:31 PM
JakeF's Avatar
JakeF JakeF is offline
Join Date: May 2005
Location: New Bedford, MA
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Had some time on my hands here at work today and just reread your reports in this thread, just makes me drool bro. How's the honeyhole producing so far this year? I know you've been busy with the boat, the move, etc. Just curious if you've had a chance to see what's down there yet this spring. I gotta put my dad on some fish when he comes up from Missouri for July 4th weekend,,,, hint hint

Hope all is well!
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Old 06-15-2005, 09:06 PM
CamelNS CamelNS is offline
Join Date: May 2005
Posts: 48

How's the fishing going down that way fellas??Been fairly quiet in here lately.You all must be working or fishing hard.Can't wait to hear some new reports.I can't get over being able to go out and catch a bunch of 30+" stripers.That would be WICKED!!!!!! :hail:
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Old 06-20-2005, 10:58 PM
briggs briggs is offline
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And away we go...........

I havent quite made it down to Little Compton this season. A couplke of things have been getting in the way of my beach trips.....My Boat.

The first couple times out, i got my a** skunked. Now the boat has 50+ Stripers under her belt. Guess you could say that i broke her cherry with a passion. I tried a few different spots out in the bay. The one that i keep going back too, produces stripers every single day. I'm sure its the Temps that are keeping these Linesiders in the bay so far. But i really don't care hahaha.

Last night i caught the biggest striper yet on my boat....not a real cow or anything but it kicked my butt anyway....she weighed in at 25lbs and measured 39 inches. The thing that really got me, was the way it acted like a Bluefish. The first 30yds, she came in like a striper. Then she decided it was time to rip a little of my line off. fine....back to reeling in...i get her close to the boat, maybe 15 feet out, and she took a dive that felt like a 10lb Blue....right to the bottom. Took me off my balance, and slammed my rod down on the side of the boat. Then she came up. her head poked out of the water just enough for me to see that my set, as usual, had almost ripped her lip off. I quickly yelled at my buddy "DUDE, GRAB THAT STRIPER QUICK !!!" and so he did...gotta have a good mate.

More to come later......this is too easy hahaha

:wtg: craig aka briggs :wtg:

:eew: aka surfcastermaster :wall:

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Old 06-20-2005, 11:09 PM
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The Poacher Poacher - I poach poachers
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Nice! Sounds like you're having a blast with the new toy :party1:

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Old 06-20-2005, 11:42 PM
Striper777 Striper777 is offline
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Nice Fish Briggs!!!
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Old 06-21-2005, 12:12 AM
kkevvy kkevvy is offline
Join Date: May 2004
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Damn Briggs... Nice...

"I popped her cherry with a passion'
Briggs, I think you need to see a doctor. Dear god
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Old 06-21-2005, 10:24 AM
briggs briggs is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
Posts: 894

Hahaha Kev.......everytime i see a doctor....they just want me to take them fishing.

And thanks Mike.

Thats putting it mildly Jonny...... I really can't stay off the boat. If i'm not heading out to the fish, i'm swabbing the deck. I've headed out just to have happy hour in the bay. I had a custom cusion made for my engine cover....adds three more seats when i'm just out there having fun.

I took my wife and daughter out last week, my daughter got to touch her first striper....."slimy daddy". but the look in her eyes was priceless.....she will be a fishergirl in no time at all.

Last week i headed out with my buddy...we were catching stripers non-stop. i took a look towards the horizon to see a few clouds heading our way. then i thought i saw lightning. I told my bud and he told me that it must have been fireworks. the second time i saw lightning....i just turned to him and said "Get those damn rods in right now man". then it happened, the thunder....then the pouring rain. just before i pulled away, the lighting hit close and the thunder was a millasecond behind it. now basically we're crapping our pants. I gunned it.......and as we were heading across the bay at 50mph....the lightning and thunder are coming at the same was right over us. good thing i dont need my eyes to see, because you couldn't see a foot in front of you now. I located every single bouy that i needed to see, on my radar, never pulling the throttle back. i reached the "no wake" bouy and gave it the appropriate finger as i sank it with my huge wake. right to my slip. just before i arrived at the slip....i notice this boat coming up behind me, much faster than i was going. i hit him with the rear floods to make sure he knew i was there. as he flew by me, i noticed that it was 4 kids....with no enclosure at all hahahaha.

Keep your eye to the sky !!!

Last thursday i got a call from my friend. He asked if i would take his cousins up from Fla. out for the day. so off we went, five of us.

all i did was drive the boat, mark the fish, and tell them to get ready. 18 good size stripers were caught that day and i didnt even get out of my seat hahaha.....maybe i should charter. i'll tell ya one thing though...thats the last time i ever take 4 other grown men out at the same time.....i couldn't even trim the boat flat. way too much weight. Ya live and learn i guess. :wall:

Last sunday i took my bud and his girlfriend out to Newport, where we proceeded to eat lobster and have way to many long island ice teas. then i headed off the coast for MY maiden off-shore jaunt. I get about 2 miles off the coast.....i anchor in 100 feet of water and within minutes, i had a couple of people on my boat that looked like they had been smoking bad cigars all morning.....both of them, :hic: green as beans sitting on the back moaning. :hic: i say "you want me to head back in"? they moaned yes. So i put down my baloney sandwich and powered back in. i guess some of them have the sealegs and some dont.

The first few times i went out all day, i'd come home and my whole house was going back and forth like i was drunk. had to yell to my wife and have her trim out the bathroom hahaha. told me at the begining of this that i should just count on spending an extra thousand. weren't kidding. and its not because of engine problems or anything like that. Its the cost of making the boat mine. Custom cusions, replace the zipper on one of my windows, trolling rods, reels, equipment, fuel (122gal tank), etc etc etc.........

I made sure that i became a member of the Capt's club at Boaters World....and by now i should own the place. I'm up to about 2,500 bucks that i've spent there alone.

I had to have a new anchor line spliced together. new lights on account of me getting pulled over by the water police because of a faulty bowlight. good thing i was legal :roll:

gotta keep the cooler packed and whatnots hahaha. The umbrella rigs worked so good that i bought 4 of them. now i'm spending more money on replacement shads for them on account of the Blue moving into the water. I nailed stripers on my new Magnum Stretch i had to buy 4 more of them in every color. :help:

It has been a great experience. Its a new toy so i play with it every single day. sooner or later i'll go where the big fish are, and we all know where that is......Off My Beach !!!

I'm trying to talk Cuz into taking the trip up the canal with me to visit with all you boston people, Rock, Dan, etc etc......

we'll see.

Thats basically it....i go out and catch fish, come back and wash the boat down, and head back out the next day.....Life is good.

I'll try to report every trip i do.....tough getting me to sit still at the computer for any length of time these days hahaha.....but i'll do my best.

I have to go now.....theres a boat calling me. dont want to make her feel like i'm ignoring her hahaha.

craig aka briggs

aka surfcastermaster


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Old 06-21-2005, 10:41 AM
Roccus's Avatar
Roccus Roccus is offline
King of Eels
Pro Staff
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Sounds like your having fun..... making the boat"yours" is what it is all about,and it NEVER stops,I've had my scow since 1980,I do something to it EVERY year
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Old 07-05-2005, 09:33 PM
briggs briggs is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
Posts: 894

Hey nice site guys......lmfao...

where am i?

Well for starters... I hope everyones forth of July went off with a bang (pun intended).

The 4th for me brought many things....

lets start with the 2nd... Headed out saturday morning to hook up with Cuz. The fog was so thick at 3:30am on the bay, that i didnt even bother looking out the window. All i did was sit back, slug down my coffee, and stare at the Radar and the GPS. I think it was about 4:30am when we finally did actually head out. We motored out the Sakonnet River into the Bay and finally out to the mouth. By this time, the sun was starting to force its way through the Fog. It was nice being able to see the water again. Sorry to all those lobster pots, that i really dont give a rats ass about hahaha. I don't get hung up on pots...i cut right through them. whoever lets these idiots put those pots in the shipping channel, should be drawn and quartered.

anyhoo.......We started the day off with Umbrella rigs which quickly got manhandled by Bluefish. An hour later i switched my half eaten rigs too a 30+ Magnum Stretch and a 12" low diving Mackeral on the second rod. Both caught Blues and nothing else. This morning was meant for the Salt water Pirranahs.

So we motor back into the bay and stop momentarily, to throw some plugs at more Blues. All in All a great day no matter what. Good rolling swells at the mouth too, Cuz kept saying that i was dissappearing behind the swells over the VHF.

Now its 6pm saturday night and its time to head for the beach where theres going to be a bonfire and my buddy and i went in on 800 bucks worth of fireworks (damn pyros).

Wait........Did i say the BEACH ???

Like i'd ever go empty handed....mutha fu**a please.

So here i truck packed up with everything this boy needs to catch a few Cows. Nobody coming with me. Just the way i like it.

The fire starts at dusk, we blow the place up for about an hour. As everyone sits at the fire oooing and ahing. I dissappear to the truck.

The backpack goes on........

the rods get bungeed on. and the clambellies jump excitedly into my bucket...very ready and willing to sacrafice themselves to the sea gods.

I slip down to the beach and start hoofing it up to my spot.

Incoming tide, 2 foot surf, a good current and the mouth of that damn pond, open like a prom date.

I ram the sand with a couple of spikes and set up quick.

The clambellies got Raped the first 3 times i cast. I knew they were there. just a matter of time. By this time... i had put the beer down and was now holding on with two hands...Hey it was the forth hahaha.

The next tap i would rip the lips right off her. The Striper wacked me and i did just that.

39" 21lbs. The next 7 girls were about the same. I think it was about 2am when i beached the first 30+ lber....i wasn't going anywhere fast.

The bite at the beach saturday night was very hot....i knew it was smart not to bring my chair..i wasn't going to have that luxury this night.

22 Linesiders was the final count....all over 20 lbs all ready to bust my back. All caught on my old 9 foot Diawa Eliminator...Penn 8500ss, 30# PP. No need to change hahaha.

So listen up boys and girls.......A very wise man once told me....No matter what you use..or where you go....Be it the beach... a boat....the "T" hahaha.... Bellies plugs or Jigs...whether you fish once a year or once a day YOUR A FISHERMAN !!!!

God once took the beach away from a fisherman and gave him a boat......was it a step up? absolutely was a step sideways. That fisherman will always remember his roots and will always remember where the fish are.....and he will always go back to the beach.

Sunday was filled with boating on the bay.....A tube a Kneeboard and alot of beat up friends.....full cooler, great fireworks from the boat, and that basically tells all about sunday....

Monday started early with a Hot air balloon.........on my shoulders hahahaha. Once again we spent the day on the Bay with the wife and daughter and a few great people. Fun in the sun and in the waves. followed by more fireworks at Battleship Cove in Fallriver Ma.

Today is Tuesday...Time to clean the heck out of the boat. My deck was a cross between a Mosh pit and an X-rated theater. (sticky).

Tomorrow....Time to get serious again. I'll be heading out at about 8:30am and i won't touch land once again until 5pm.

So i hope everyone is getting bit....

May your Lines be tight....Your stripers big.....your cooler full.....and a big fat smile on your face.....

Don't worry...i'm still here.

:wtg: craig aka briggs :wtg:

aka surfcastermaster

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Old 07-05-2005, 10:28 PM
kkevvy kkevvy is offline
Join Date: May 2004
Posts: 1,510

Jesus Craig, that seems like on hell of a time!

I love all your random and funny comparisons...
"open like a prom date"

Damn Craig, you never fail to make me laugh. Too bad your too busy catching those cows to stop by here more often :cry:

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Old 07-06-2005, 10:10 AM
briggs briggs is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
Posts: 894

I'll be here alot more now Kev......

I'm about to head out on the sea again.....i'll post when i get back...

:wall: craig aka briggs :wall:

aka surfcastermaster

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Old 07-11-2005, 09:59 PM
briggs briggs is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
Posts: 894

this is a copy of a report to The snesa......time thing sorry guys.

First of all i hope everybody had a great 4th.....

With that out of the way, I started this beautiful day over at Ohio Ledge. What was supposed to be a Striper Hunt, turned into a fight for your rigs with 10-14lb Blues. Fun, but i was after something different and obviously the Blues were the Alpha fish around the Ledge.

We headed out the Sakonnet River to Sakonnet Point.....To find 19-27lb Stripers in 45-65' of water...hugging the Fishnets off the point. Even out there, you could not get away from the heat. The mouth of the river was producing great rolling swells up to 7 feet. 9 Stripers were caught and 9 Stripers were released.

Stripers were caught on Magnum Stretch 30+, Red 24" Tube&Worm, Deep Diving Mackerals, and Umbrella Rigs....where chartreus was the only color to produce.

60lb test Leadcore Line...6'6" Okuma Tail Walkers.....Senators.

Tight Lines !!!!

Craig Greenslade

Drain Surgeon IV

:wtg: craig aka briggs :wtg:

aka surfcastermaster

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Old 07-17-2005, 08:05 PM
briggs briggs is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
Posts: 894

Isn't this what its all about?

Saturday morning.........I woke up at about 2:30am....excited that i had planned to meet Cuz N Eddy out on the water at 4am. Do to unavoidable curcumstances i ended up leaving my slip at 4:45am, Cuz had left at 4am...

Conditions were so bad..that i just sat back, drank my coffee, and watched my GPS and Radar. The fog was like Peasoup. (check out the conditions behind me in the pic). Because of the electronics...i was able to get to Cuz in about 25 minutes going full speed like a maniac.

We were headed out to open ocean and because of the conditions and the fact that i had the Radar...I led the way out. The air conditions might have been bad...but the water conditions were spectacular..On the way out, we kept seeing bluefish schools bubbling up as we drove over them basically. We arrived safely at our first destination at about 5:30am. Its surprizing how many other fishing boats are out there in the Fog. Just when you think your the only crazy ones. We started to troll in 40-50' of water. right out in front of three small islands, is a ledge....watching the DF, you'll notice the depth going from 45 feet to 19 feet quickly. Right there is where your Tube and Worm, start dragging along the edge of that ledge. This is where i picked up a 40" 30lb fighter.

Not the biggest fish in the sea, but on this morning, I was loving it. Evereytime we set out to troll...we'd lose eachother in the fog withing feet. it just so happened that Cuz was right next to me.....gotta love witnesses lmao. I looked back over my shoulder to see my rod get nailed immedietly bent it right over and started taking drag. I ran for the rod and yelled at Cuz "Its big !!!". I pick it up out of the holder and sink the hook hard...Like always hahaha. It runs and i just hold my rod tip up and let her go. as i'm fighting this fish...i walk backwards towards my controls and put it in nuetral with one hand as i fight the fish with the other...Multitasking of course. then i walk to the back of the boat again. now i need a way to land this thing....i walk backwards again to retrieve my Jaws....and back to the Stern again to keep now the fish id tired. I reel her in until she gets about 15' off the boat....of course she has one more run in drag goes nuts for about 4 seconds....that was it. Now i have the fish at the side of the boat....its heavy and it doesnt want to be caught. so there i am....kind of on one knee, holding the rod up in one hand..and trying to get it with the jaws with the other hand. after 2 good tries with the jaws...i finally lifted her out. if one more try with the Jaws failed....i would have stuffed my hand in its mouth and yanked it up. like i said...not the biggest fish by all means...but damn fun.

Cuz's buddy, "Lost Pole", ended up with a 38"er....

Cuz had a couple of really nice fluke....and a Blue or two i think.

I ended up with the One Striper...One Blue, and a Chaugy about 6 inches long.

It never cleared up out at sea that day....but it was a great day back in the Bay.

Isn't this what its all about?

:wall: craig aka briggs :wall:

:wall: aka surfcastermaster :wall:


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Old 07-17-2005, 08:18 PM
kkevvy kkevvy is offline
Join Date: May 2004
Posts: 1,510

Yes Briggs, that is waht fishing is about. Havin fun and sometimes catchin fish. Its all good :wtg:

Nice fish you got there!

Hahaha! 19 feet! Thats deeper than it gets in my whole lake. Hahaha!
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Old 07-17-2005, 08:53 PM
Cuz N' Eddy Cuz N' Eddy is offline
Join Date: Mar 2005
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Default Hit Hard

As briggs trolled by it hit and hit hard... I knew it was big also
My son loves fluke fishing so we trolled a bit and then I did what my son wanted to do drift as these guys trolled by. My son got a nice fluke that was over 28 inches long and fat.... I think that was our biggest fluke yet.. boated a bunch more shorts or just to small for us and landed another nice one.. all in all we took 2 fluke home to lunches.
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