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Old 01-11-2006, 10:41 AM
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Default 2006 Baseball Hall of Fame.

2006 Election

Bruce Sutter 400 76.9
Jim Rice 337 64.8
Rich Gossage 336 64.6
Andre Dawson 317 61.0
Bert Blyleven 277 53.3
Lee Smith 234 45.0
Jack Morris 214 41.2
Tommy John 154 29.6
Steve Garvey 135 26.0
Alan Trammell 92 17.7
Dave Parker 76 14.4
Dave Concepcion 65 12.5
Don Mattingly 64 12.3
Orel Hershiser 58 11.2
Dale Murphy 56 10.8
Albert Belle 40 7.7
Will Clark 23 4.4
Dwight Gooden 17 3.3
Willie McGee 12 2.3
Hal Morris 5 1.0
Ozzie Guillen 5 1.0
Gary Gaetti 4 0.8
John Wetteland 4 0.8
Rick Aguilera 3 0.6
Doug Jones 2 0.4
Greg Jefferies 2 0.4
Walt Weiss 1 0.2
Gary DiSarcina 0 0.0
Alex Fernandez 0 0.0

2005 Election

Total ballots cast: 516
Necessary for election: 387
Minimum votes needed to remain on the ballot: 26

Name Votes PCT

Wade Boggs 474 91.9
Ryne Sandberg 393 76.2
Bruce Sutter 344 66.7
Jim Rice 307 59.5
Rich Gossage 285 55.2
Andre Dawson 270 52.3
Bert Blyleven 211 40.9
Lee Smith 200 38.8
Jack Morris 172 33.3
Tommy John 123 23.8
Steve Garvey 106 20.5
Alan Trammell 87 16.9
Dave Parker 65 12.6
Don Mattingly 59 11.4
Dave Concepcion 55 10.7
Dale Murphy 54 10.5
Willie McGee 26 5.0
Jim Abbott 13 2.5
Darryl Strawberry 6 1.2
Jack McDowell 4 0.8
Chili Davis 3 0.6
Tom Candiotti 2 0.4
Jeff Montgomery 2 0.4
Tony Phillips 1 0.2
Terry Steinbach 1 0.2
Mark Langston 0 0.0
Otis Nixon 0 0.0

First year eligables for 2006
Rick Aguilera, Tim Belcher, Albert Belle, Will Clark, Alex Fernandez, Gary Gaetti, Dwight Gooden, Ozzie Guillen, Juan Guzman, Orel Hershiser, Gregg Jefferies, Lance Johnson, Doug Jones, Roberto Kelly, Mickey Morandini, Hal Morris, Jaime Navarro, Luis Polonia, Mike Stanley, Walt Weiss, John Wetteland, Mark Whiten
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Old 01-11-2006, 10:58 AM
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Jim Rice career stats
16 Years 2,089 Games
8,225 at bats
1,249 runs
2,452 hits
373 doubles
79 triples
382 home runs
1,451 RBI
670 walks
1,423 strike outs
.298 Average
.352 On Base ave
.502 Slugging %

3 Best years
1977 Red Sox 39 114 .320
1978 Red Sox 46 139 .315
1979 Red Sox 39 130 .325

AL MVP in 1978 with 46 HRs when neither the ball nor the players were juiced.
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Old 01-11-2006, 11:06 AM
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Richard Michael "Goose" Gossage (born July 5, 1951 in Colorado Springs, Colorado) played 21 seasons for nine different teams before retiring in 1994.

310 saves and recorded 1502 strikeouts. He also made nine All-Star appearances
From 1992 to 2000, John Wetteland had 329 saves. He pitched 610 1/3 innings in that span, with a season high of 85 1/3.
In 1975 and from 1977 to 1985, Gossage had 253 saves. He pitched 974 2/3 innings in that span, with a season high of 141 2/3. (In 1976, Chicago White Sox manager Paul Richards inexplicably used Gossage as a starter.)
From 1977 to 1984, Sutter had 250 saves. He pitched 909 innings in that span, with a season high of 122 2/3.
According to retrosheet.org, Gossage and Sutter each averaged more than four outs in their saves.
In the current game, that would be considered abusive treatment of a closer. Washington's Chad Cordero led the majors in saves last season with 47. He pitched 74 1/3 innings in 74 appearances.

If Sutter is in so should the Goose IMO.

Edit** Both Rice and Gossage had their problems with the press, especially Jim Rice. Now they are paying him back because they couldnt stand him. That sucks. The guy deserves to be a hall of famer. He'll have to wait until these old sports writers die off before he gets elected. what a shame.
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Old 01-11-2006, 12:23 PM
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good post Jim, I was going to ask what you thought, but have been too busy today....

I heard ther were a bunch of blank ballots presented

Whats you opinion on Pete Rose....do you think he should be in there????

Personaly I think he should still be allowed to be in the hall of fame, the man was a phenom, as you stated.. before the balls or players were juiced.... but the ban from coaching should be upheld... and then there is the case for shoeless Joe....
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Old 01-11-2006, 01:47 PM
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No question the man is a hall of fame player but the tenets of the hall preclude him. (there is no morality clause btw) He has to be reinstated first to baseball before he can be considered. There is ample evidence he bet on baseball. His baseball skills when he played warrants it. The problem goes back to the above. Rose must be reinstated to be admitted to the hall of fame. Unless the rules are rewritten, it appears that Rose will never be admitted to the Hall of Fame without being reinstated to baseball.
There are many hall of famers who gambled beat their wives and were just plain bad citizens. (Ty Cobb is a good example)
Dave Parker, Heith Hernandez, Doc Gooden, Darryl Strawberry all bubble players who probably wouldnt go even if they werent all in drug scandals but definately wont go because of the voters sense of morality, not because it is necessarily the HOF's.
Shoeless Joe is also on baseballs ineligable list. see here

edit** Jim Rice Goose and Sutter all received about 50 more votes than in the previous year. If the trend continues Rice and Goose will be in in another year or two.
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Old 01-11-2006, 02:13 PM
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I knew you'd have the answers! Thanks
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Old 01-11-2006, 02:23 PM
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Default What players are on baseballs ineligable list?

What players are on baseballs ineligable list?
Player Year Banned Offense
Bill Burns 1921 Involvement in the Black Sox Scandal
Eddie Cicotte 1921 Involvement in the Black Sox Scandal
Cozy Dolan 1924 Alleged by Jimmy O'Connell to have been behind attempt to fix a game in 1924
Phil Douglas 1922 Wrote a letter to Les Mann offering to desert the Giants, if rewarded, so that he wouldn't have to help John McGraw win the pennant (he was mad at McGraw for chewing him out)
Jean Dubuc 1922 Involved with Hal Chase in fixing of games during the 1919 season
Happy Felsch 1921 Involvement in Black Sox Scandal
Chick Gandil 1921 Involvement in Black Sox Scandal
Joe Gedeon 1921 Friend of Swede Risberg, knew about the Black Sox Scandal and placed bets for Risberg
Joe Jackson 1921 Supposed involvement in Black Sox Scandal
Benny Kauff 1920's Alleged to be involved in game fixing, but was actually banned by Landis after being charged in New York with auto theft and receiving stolen property, sued Landis for reinstatement after his acquittal on those charges, but lost
Fred McMullin 1921 Involvement in Black Sox Scandal
Lee Magee 1919?? Confessed to having helped Hal Chase fix games in 1918
Jimmy O'Connell 1924 Told Philadelphia infielder Heinie Sand before a game in 1924 that "it will be worth $500.00 to you if you don't bear down on us too hard today."
Gene Paulette 1919?? Accepted gifts from St. Louis gambler Carl Zork (Zork was also involved in the Black Sox Scandal)
Swede Risberg 1921 Involvement in Black Sox Scandal
Buck Weaver 1921 Supposed involvement in the Black Sox Scandal
Lefty Williams 1921 Involvement in Black Sox Scandal
Heinie Zimmerman 1919?? Involved with Hal Chase in game fixing during the 1919 season
Pete Rose 1989 Official ruling: Conduct detrimental to baseball. Unofficial ruling: He had a gambling problem
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Old 01-11-2006, 07:02 PM
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It's unfortuante that someone like Jim Rice isn't in the Hall of Fame.If wasn't for him having bad vision in the latter half of his career his numbers would more than likely had better numbers,maybe even played a few more seasons.
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Old 01-12-2006, 05:15 PM
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Default The Goose lets Loose

The Goose lets Loose

By Kevin kernin NY Post
Wed Jan 11, 6:00 AM ET
YOU would not want to get into the batter's box yesterday against Goose Gossage.
The greatest closer of his era, the right-hander who did double and triple the work of today's closers, fired high hard ones after receiving word he did not make the Hall of Fame.
"I just don't get it," a frustrated Gossage said in Colorado yesterday, moments after he was told fellow reliever Bruce Sutter would be the only man going into Cooperstown this summer. "I'm at a loss for words."
Not really.
"I just can't believe Sutter got in before me," Gossage added. "He deserved it. I was hoping Sutter and I could go in together. ... I don't know if I ever will make it."
Once again the Baseball Writers Association of America embarrassed itself by keeping the likes of Gossage and Jim Rice out of the Hall. The writers who did not vote for Gossage will say numbers kept him out, but Gossage collected 10 more saves than Sutter, 56 more wins and 948 more strikeouts than the split-fingered specialist.
Gossage challenged those who have deemed him not worthy to come forward to debate him.
"You know what, I never hear from these guys who don't vote for me," Gossage said, his voice rising. "But I'll take on any writer, anywhere, on any show, and I will bury him."
Gossage, 54, was talking about burying those writers verbally, although you could be sure he would do the same thing in any back-alley fight.
Make no mistake, Gossage is disappointed because he didn't make Cooperstown but he feels just as badly for fellow stars Rice, Andre Dawson and Bert Blyleven, who also did not get the heavenly nod.
"I'm not a campaigner," he said. "I'm just asking questions. The only reason I have ever spoken out is that you hate to see injustices."
As for Rice, Gossage said it was a "joke" that Kirby Puckett was a first-ballot Hall of Famer while Rice is now 0-for-12 in Hall of Fame voting.
"If Jim Rice had played in the Metrodome, he would have torn the place down, and that's nothing against Kirby Puckett, that's just the way it is," Gossage said.
Gossage said comparing the modern-day reliever, pitchers like Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman, to him is like comparing apples to oranges.
"The job is so easy because they're only pitching one inning," said Gossage, who would go two or three innings for many of his 310 saves. "Writers have forgotten how the role has changed."
Don't get him started on Barry Bonds, and the bulked up home-run hitters of this PHE - Performance Enhanced Era.
"Hitting in a game is no different than hitting in a home run contest," Gossage said. "It [ticks] me off to say Barry Bonds is the greatest hitter. He's playing in a wussy era. The game is soft. You never get thrown at today. Last thing a hitter has to worry about today is getting hit. The first thing Hank Aaron had to worry about is: Am I going to survive this at-bat because I'm black."
Gossage shot up from 55.2 percent to 64.6 percent this year in the voting. He collected 336 votes, falling 54 short. He is closing in on the needed 75 percent, but next year's class features Cal Ripken, Tony Gwynn and Mr. Andro, Mark McGwire. Gossage could get lost in the spotlight. He said the voting system is flawed and new criteria should be used to measure Hall of Fame quality.
But he is not about to lose any sleep over the snub.
"There are more important things in life to worry about," Gossage said. "Some of my best friends have lost kids to drug overdoses in just the last couple of months. That's how I keep the game in perspective. The war in Iraq, great kids are losing their lives over there. That's the stuff that really matters.
"Real life," he said, "sets me straight."
Chalk that up as one more great close for the man they call Goose.
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Old 01-12-2006, 05:42 PM
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Default Rice may have sealed his own Hall fate

Bill Reynolds The providence Journal

Rice may have sealed his own Hall fate
Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In the summer of 1988, in the middle of his 13th season with the Red Sox, I was sent to Anderson, S.C., for a magazine story that eventually was called "The Enduring Mystery of Jim Rice."
It was an apt title.
Even then, nearing the end of his career in Boston, Rice still was the great enigma, at the time the least-known superstar in Boston. He seldom gave interviews, and when he did they were perfunctory, at best. There seemed to be little insight into who he was, what he thought.
Who was Jim Rice?
No one really seemed to know.
Instead, there was a certain backlash against Rice in the media then, many of whom had grown tired of his way of dealing with them through the years. Virtually every sports writer who covered the Sox had endless stories of Rice being difficult, moody. The impassive mask he put on his face had become part of Boston lore, someone who had turned unapproachable into an art form. He once threw a Washington Post sports writer into a trash can for something that had been written.
I was thinking of this yesterday when I heard the news that, once again, Rice was not elected to the Hall of Fame, falling short by just 53 votes. Thinking that he now might pay a heavy price for all the years he was so difficult to deal with, all the years he seemed like some enduring mystery.
It shouldn't be that way, of course.
But it's the way of the world. You reap what you sow, right? And you wonder if Rice had been a little more willing to play the media game, things would have turned out differently in yesterday's vote.
Then again, it never was Rice's style. From the time he first came to Boston, it was if he had erected a moat between his feelings and the outside world. But why was it there? And what's the price he paid for it?
There are several theories.
One is that Rice grew up in the segregated south, and always has carried those scars with him. Another is that he never forgot that Fred Lynn got most of the attention when they both came up together in 1975, two great young players thrown into the glare of a pennant race. They were linked that summer, but Lynn was everything Rice wasn't. He was graceful in the field, smooth, articulate, the college kid from Southern Cal. He also was white.
Then Rice got hurt, missed the World Series, and Lynn went on to be the league's MVP.
"I was hurt by all the attention he got at the time," Rice said of Lynn a decade later. "Anyone who looked at all the stats had to think I deserved the MVP as much as he did."
The issue of race surfaced again in 1978, when Rice was the MVP of the American League while teammate Carlton Fisk was named the team's MVP by the Boston media. Rice blasted the media, the implication being that it had been a racist decision, that once again Rice had been cheated out of something he felt he deserved.
These are just theories, yet there's little question Rice always carried these slights with him, learned early to be wary of the media, a part of being a professional athlete he wasn't good at, didn't like. People close to him said there was another side to Rice, a softer one. One was the late Tony Pennacchia, the Rhode Island agent who once represented Rice.
"With just a few people, Jimmy's very gracious," Pennachia once said. "But he created a lot of the problems he had with the media. He can be surly and caustic. Maybe I shielded him too much. Overall, I could never get through to him about press relations."
In the last few years, Rice has been a studio analyst on television after Red Sox games, all the old anger gone. It's not without a certain irony. The man who so detested the media now is a part of it.
One afternoon in 1988, shortly after coming back from South Carolina, I sat down in the Red Sox' clubhouse with him, having set up an interview a few days earlier by saying I'd been to his hometown. I asked him if he knew he was a mystery.
"I don't care," he said. "I do my job. I've always done my job."
He denounced the media that day, but he was not belligerent about it. He said how he didn't like crowds, had learned from Carl Yastrzemski to just come into the clubhouse every day and block everything else out. It was all said with pride, as if he had done it his way and he was proud of that.
And as he sat there in front of his locker that afternoon, it was as if it were Jim Rice against the world. Proud. Imperial. Mysterious. Needing no one. Doing it his way. Letting his numbers speak for him. As if he long ago learned to exist in some private place where the world can't touch him.
Did he pay for this yesterday?
Who can say?
But the question remains.
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