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Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic. Saltwater and freshwater surfcasting. Plugging, Bait dunking and boating

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Old 06-19-2005, 10:53 PM
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Default new to salt!!!

hey guys,
looks like i found a good place to learn about stripers - when i was in high school i was obsessed with FW fishing - every now and again I'd rig up a SW rod with some pogie or mackerel or whatever and sit, and sit and sit some more - never caught a thing - but i was huge into FW using plugs etc - gotta love those largemouth and smallies too! anyhow being that I live on the south shore of Boston there's plenty of nice ocean fishing - i'm going hardcore this year and using plugs now - i got a pal who seems to know his stuff and suggested a penn slammer 460 which i bought and i bought a 9 ft rod off of him which is a medium weight real nice it casts beautiful - i'm reading all the threads to take it all in - seems to be a lot more to SW than FW fishing! the bottom line is i've never had much success SW, i hope to turn it around this year and i'm excited i also got a nice pair of waders recently - anyhow i could care less about catching cows right now - i'll start with the schoolies! I caught my first one the other night about 7 0'clock on a bomber - i estimate it was about a 7lb fish - but hey bigger than most fish i'll get in FW - any tips for a newbie? So far i've got - fish the outgoing 2 hours before or after, white water is where the bass hang out eating the prey getting tossed in the waves, bass are more active in the dusk to night time - especially in the summer -am i on track so far? also since i'm cool with catching schoolies should i be throwing smaller plugs? some of the plugs seem so freaking big - i know a bass will swallow what ever it can but these things seem pretty large for schoolies - i can't imagine hooking onto a lunker! ha! - are the bass hitting top water plugs right now? i've ogt mostly bombers to fish with i like em' - what are your thoughts on sluggos or say 7 to 10 inch plastic worms - (i know they're great in FW) ? i'd love to hear any advice you got - thanks

also what are your thoughts about tying plugs direct instead of a swivel 0- i've heard swivels take action off of plugs -
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Old 06-20-2005, 12:18 AM
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Sounds like your right on track. My buddy emmit (bunker Bob) brought his sweetwater skills to the salt and slayed em right out of the gate. I had freiken pnemonia shivering in the truck while he was yanking out 25 pounders one after the other in a clearing monsoon. We chunked bunker that night but I had to listen to him for a week tell me how many more fish he caught than I did. The striper has a lot of traits in common with its sunfish cousin the largemouth bass. They are predators, relate to structure, like cover and point there noses to the current. Try to do a search using the search feature on top for sluggos and plugs. You'll read a ton of great info on these threads from Charlie A, Jonny Bolt, Zimno , the jigman, Boston Boy, Kkeevy, striper777 and many others on these topics. They seem to be the resident plug experts. I do some plugging as well but i call it clowning since I really only have a few seasons of saltwater plugging experience under my belt. There is nothing like a plug getting blasted out of the water only to get attacked again as it falls back on the water. Throwing an atom striper swiper is much the same as throwing a chug bug at a largie as is a mepps spinner to a larger tin. Except the water is usually much calmer the gear much bigger and the water much larger to cover. In salt you work the water colums the same way. The learning curve is in locating the fish. at least IMHO :dumb: Here is some lure basics.

Popping plugs or surface lures are most effective during low light conditions such as dawn or dusk.
Metal lures, such as Kastmasters or Hopkins are best during bright sunlight conditions.
Swimming lures, both shallow swimmers and deep divers work best during the day when fish are less likely to come to the surface to feed and at night when they are close to the bottom and less active.
Bucktail Jigs and eel lures like the sluggo and tube and worm take fish during both day and night. These should be worked along the bottom at an extremely slow retrieve even better when a piece of pork rind or squid strip is added to the hook.
Have fun and enjoy the site. I always enjoy seeing pictures of stripers. Hope to see many of yours.
You would want to use a swivel on spoons and spinning tins as well as metal lipped swimmers.
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Old 06-20-2005, 12:35 AM
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Join Date: Jun 2005
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Default Thanks!

Thanks for the info! Yeah it's been about 5 years since I would bust out the rod on a regular basis - with FW i would usually seek out calmer places where there was fallen timber or lilly pads - nothing i mean nothing makes me happier than sittnig on a pond about 7 PM hearing the bull frogs croak, then watching and listening to the water pop as the insects and small fish get slammed by bass! just thinking about it makes me smile - the trouble is finding a good FW pond these days! After 911 my resevoir was closed off (protecting the drinking water supply) and i can't "trespass" there now so I became kinda discouraged and havent found a suitable place since - fishing lake Winnepesauke in NH for smallies is simply electric with tube baits in the evening but I don't have a boat no more either so that's lost some of it's appeal - ! so here i am learning the ways of the salt - i guess i'm learning to get used to the idea of fishing rough wavy places over calm quite spots! but yeah I was figuring some instinctual habits would be similar - i havent given up on FW by the way i hope to do a lot of both! I just want to really get into SW for a change - time to land some huge fish (eventually) - Thanks for the great info! I hope to hear from everyone with something to say! Thanks guys!
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