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Default Re: Tail Weight Molds?

I had a fishing friend who made a tail weight mold for me ..Being a Machinest it was intracate in design..Poured 8 at a time...This can be costly.. But I made a simple mold out ofaluminum plate size 3/8" thick X whatever scraps you can find or purchase at metal companies ,,,Mine is3" x 6",,,Drill the two pieces on each end to accept a nail to use as a guide to keep plates in order.You have to keep pin tight on one side & ream other drill hole so it can pull apart easy..Another words its a alighnment pin as you see in molds.Now drill between the plates with a 1/8" drill completly tru..This is your pin hole for wire to fit tru...Then in same holes drill with 5/16" drill as far down as you want lenght of weights. Use a counter sink to bevel the hole tops for easy pouring..Hold together with vise grips & insert either nails 1/8' or if you can find 1/8" case hardener pins..Use candle smoke or Pam for a releasing agent.Now its best to use pure lead as it pulls the pins out much easier.. Wheel weights are a lot tougher to use ...Jim
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