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Default River / Creek Striper Fishing

Looks like the freshwater forum might be a little idle, but I wanted to see who out there is going after stripers in the rivers and creeks of this great nation.

I am primarily a (black) bass kayak/canoe fisherman, but have on occasion pulled in a striper / hybrid...and it's always a blast. I was out fishing Friday and was having zero luck with the spots / heads, but I kept seeing really large boils up top. At first I thought they were carp due to the size of the boil. But the ferocity was definitely more aggressive than the lazy carp. So I tied on a foxy shad Zara Super Spook, only it was the metallic / reflective bottom version, and threw it out there. As I started walking the dog, it was almost immediately annihilated, and I knew I had hooked into a striper. Two minutes later I was reaching down with the fish grips to bring up a 30+ inch stud (a stud for around here, anyway!), and my line broke. Was using 10 lb. PLine CXX mono, which is normally highly reliable for me in swimbait/cranking/spinner/topwater scenarios. My suspicion is that one of the trebles cut it, as the lead treble was actually in the fish's eye, and line was twisted in the second treble. At any rate, it was total heartbreak.

So while I have caught a bunch stripers /wipers, I have never specifically gone after them...which I would like to do now. The hunt and the fight are just awesome. On the chance that anyone is reading this, let's talk freshwater tactics. I know they say they feed most aggressively from just after dusk to just before dawn, but this guy hit that topwater plug at noon on a cloudless day. And I see folks live bait fishing for them, and catching them, at similar times. Which brings up another point - I don't really care to fish with live bait from the kayak - artificial only.

Any pointers, tips, secrets, whatever, for lure fishing for stripes / hybrids in freshwater would be welcomed!

Coosa River, AL
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