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Default Re: where is the POWER in power pro??

It's officialy summah.. the jigster is out of his cave....

Suds.. with ya on the vanish, total weasal piss.... first tried it as ice fishing leader because the shop was out of seagaur... toatal dog poop... no knot strength, line broke in the middle of the leader. lost a bunch of dinky trout... OK so it didnt like cold.. it soiled it's shorts on trout in the spring too.... tossed it in the barrel to get rid of the bad Karma...

While we're bitchin.... Iron silk.. got talked into using it a few years back.. a gent and world class carp fisheman who shall remain nameless swore by it.... one night three unexplained breakoffs ( fish were only teen sized and the line was 20# class) and I tossed the stuff wrote a nasty letter to the manufacturer and respooled with Ande... what was I thinking!
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