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Friday July 20, 2006
Send your reports to bill
[email protected]

Well Bruce is still in Alaska with no reports back from him to post yet and
with him away you know where I have been the past couple of weeks so my reports are going to be far and few. And by the looks of things I won't be able to get out again till I head to the mountains in a couple of weeks. But there is nothing you can do. Can't wait till fall and when it comes I sure hope the river is back to normal. Speaking about the river, well it has been a mixed bag. The beginning of the week the river was very high but clear. Several guys went up on Monday to wade and found the river to high to get around. But around Wednesday the even know the river was high most guys were able to fish and did very well. Now the boat fisherman was a different story. One customer was in at Byran fishing up river by the islands picking up 45 fish up to 16 inches on leeches and grubs. He also did very well on stripers both small with a couple of decent fish mixed in. He had one 28 inch and one other 26 inches. Those were
picked up on white grubs. Another fisherman was up river at Frenchtown putting in a canoe fishing up by the bridge picking up 19 smallmouth, 12 stripers, 4 catfish and one carp. He was using minnows, leeches, nightcrawlers and grubs. The last report was down river around Trenton. This customer was up above the Route One bridge throwing surface lures along the shore line for bass. He was fishing mostly poppers picking up 4 smallmouth, 1 largemouth and a ton of stripers. All his stripers were under 20 inches. And if we don't get any heavy rain in the next couple of days I think the river will be in great shape.

The lower river has been different story. Down here the river is stained to
muddy. The further you go up into creeks and up into the harbors the water will clear up a bit. But it has not hurt the catfishing and small striper fishing. If you want to fish bloodworms or chicken livers around the bridges you can catch all the smaller stripers you want Now when I say small these fish are 5 to 15 inches. They will also hit white grubs, small rattle traps and small surface lures almost as well. The catfish have been hitting in deeper water this past week. The few guys I talked to have been fishing 20 to 30 feet picking up catfish up to 6 pounds. They are also catching a few stripers in these water from 12 to 20 inches. They have been using herring, nightcrawlers, chicken livers, shrimp and bagels. One really good report was John who was out on Wednesday fishing from the Tacony down river to the Walt Whitman bridges. He was fishing his better spots catching over 30 catfish up to 8 pounds with 9 stripers. Two of his stripers were over 28 inches. His best bait for the bigger fish was small live eels. Now the bass fishing has been a little bit off with the color of the water. The few guys that had good numbers of fish were up in Dredge fishing with plastic worms, twister tails and bright colored crankbaits. Most of the fish have been under 14 inches but some guys have picked up over 20 fish a day. There have been a few crappies mixed in the catch also. Now in the main river there have been some bigger fish caught but if you can boat 2 to 5 fish a day you are doing very well.

The saltwater action I know has been pretty good but I really did not get
allot of reports back this week. I really hope for e-mail reports but they have been coming really far and few between. Freedie has been fishing the back bays of Wildwood and Cape May doing very well on flounder and weakfish. Now he is catching a ton of throw back but this past week he has been able to bring allot of fish home for the freezer. The weakfish have been hitting shedder crabs and Gulp shrimp the best with the flounder hitting squid, minnows, spearing and bucktails. A few guys fishing the Delaware Bay say it is full of croakers with a few good size kingfish mixed in. Both off the beach and in boats the croaker fishing is just like last year. Anything you fish with the croaker will hit but the kingfish have been hitting bloodworms and Fish Bites the best. Now drifting the main bay will keep you busy catching all the smaller flounder you want but to get any keepers you have to head out front or to the old grounds. In these spots they are catching fish up to 10 pounds but the numbers have been low. Up on the beach the kingfishing and croakers are being caught from Cape May to Barnagate. Bloodworms Fish Bites have been the main bait. But if you fish mackerel and clams there have been a ton of sand sharks and skates being caught. The bluefishing has been great off shore of Barnagate and Breele. These chum trips are catching fish up to 12 pounds on chunk bait and diamond jigs
with tubes. And up off the beaches of Long Beach Island, Island State Park they are picking up some blues, sharks and skates with cut bait and metal. And if you fish at night there have been a few stripers being caught but just a few. I think with the warmer weather the bass will be off. The Raritan has still been good for some bigger flounder in the inlet and out front. One customer was up on Saturday last week picking up 24 fluke with 9 keepers for four fisherman. The biggest was 8 pounds. They also fished for sea bass and blackfish. It only took a short time to land their limit of blackfish but the sea bass were hitting the best but most were throw backs. South in the Chesapeake the spots have been extremely good. Not only in numbers but size also. There also catching allot of croakers and stripers in these waters also. And in Virginia I just
talked to one customer that has been killing the yellow fin tuna about 40 miles off shore. These are all being caught chunking. Well that is all I have for you this week. I hope things cool off sometime
soon and the heavy rains will just go away. I guess I'm asking allot.

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