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Default The storm

Fished directly through the two hrs after flood full moon. Got drenched. Wind at 30 knots and howling. Buddy Joe didnt show. (got drunk) Can't say I blame him. Threw plugs. Everything in box. Hands cut to pieces. Got a wind knot in braid rendered reel useless. Chunked with bunker and bunker head with mono spooled reels. Got one 10 pound blew fish. (sic)
Took bunker chunk. No stripies. Left around 11PM. sleep 4 hrs. Came back in morning for storm clearing high early AM tide. Flotsam in water. Murky, choppy, still pea warm. Winds around 20 knots still overcast angry day. Buddy Joe showed hungover. BS'd a while, long drive back.
Next week.
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