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Default Re: Brinkmans Weekly Philadelphia area Fishing report

Sunday, February 4, 2007
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I thought it was cold the last report I wrote but it seems the coldest weather is yet to come. And with the cold weather will come a little bit of ice fishing. So far the only really good ice has been up state in pretty much all the lakes except Lake Wallenpaupack and Raystown even know I would bet some of the coves are now frozen enough to fish. All the smaller to mid size lakes have 6 to 8 inches of good solid ice and with temperatures down in the single numbers it will get allot thicker really fast. And all these lakes they have been doing very good on crappies, perch, bluegills, pickerel and even some good largemouth bass. One customer was up to Shohola last week and fished 4 days and caught 30 to 50 fish per day. He did best on perch and pickerel but had two largemouth bass close to 3 pounds. Another customer was to the same lake and only fished for the panfish with small jigs and wax worms. He picked up 25 crappies, 12 yellow perch and all kinds of bluegills over the weekend. Another customer was up to Duck Harbor last weekend and did very good on smaller pickerel and yellow perch. He was fishing with small shiners. There are several other guys that have been ice fishing in the mountains and all have said they have been doing very well but they are fishing allot of the smaller lakes that I have not heard of. Now in this area the lakes are still not frozen enough to fish yet but most still have open water. I would think that some of the smaller coves will be thick enough by Monday or Tuesday. But even with n ice the guys that have been fishing Core Creek and Levitown have been doing very well on trout, crappies and perch. Wax worms, meal worms, power baits and spoons have been the main baits. I talked to a couple of guys that have fished some of the smaller coves on Penn Warner and have had 4 inches of ice. There they have been catching yellow perch, pickerel, crappies, bass and pike. But this lake is private. I did talk to one guys that was up to Nockamixon a couple of days ago and was only able to fish the spillway with a inch or so of ice covering the lake. He did pick up a couple of walleyes 1 to 3 pounds. He was using minnows. Now the only other fishing in this area is the upper river if you dare. The couple of guys that I know that went up were fishing off shore at Point Pleasant picking up a few smaller walleyes around the bridge abutments. Using minnows and twister tails has brought them the most success. One customer did put a boat in to do a little goose hunting and did try and fish around the Yardley area. The goose hunting was very good but he did not have a bite in a hour or so of fishing. Now down the Are Museum the walleye fishing has still been pretty good. I did not hear from anyone in a week or so but yesterday one of the guys were in and had a real good night Friday night. He picked up 11 walleyes and one catfish. He got them all on white twister tails. The biggest was 3 pounds. Saltwater up this extreme cold was very good for sea bass and blackish. I think the blackfishing is starting to slow on the in shore wreaks and jetties. Due to the water getting to cold. But the off shore wreaks are holding good numbers of giant sea bass 4 to 6 pounds and blackfish up and over 10 pounds. Now the trips have been here and there with all the winds we have been having the past month. So if you are interested in going make plans well ahead of time, with allot of make up trips filling allot of the spots. And on these trips they are getting some cod, ling and whiting mixed in. For stripers I have not heard a word in over a week. I know this is short but that is all I have for you this week. Remember there is two opening of trout season this year, in this area it will be March 31st. Also this is a good time to check out you rods and reels to see if any work needs to be done on them.
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