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Subject: Fishing report update
Friday April 7, 2006

Well April is here and trout season is right around the corner for PA with
New Jersey opening tomorrow. And this is the normal weather for and opening day.
Cold and wet is the forecast but that won't keep the die hard trout fisherman
home. But for the PA guys they are going to have to wait till next weekend
and by the looks of the long range forecast we might even have a decent weekend.
Yea right!

But if you are in PA the next best thing is the Delaware river for stripers
and catfish. This was a off and on week for stripers on the river most due to
the 40 mile and hour winds that were blowing all week. Sunday they had a real
good day with fish being caught on boats and off the bank. The better boat
reports came from the Tacony Bridge area with one guy picking up 22 fish up to 20
pounds. Another guy was down around the Betsy Ross Bridge and boated 14 fish
up to 15 pounds. And several other guys were in tell me that they all did very
well. Off the shore line one customer was down off the UPS pier and picked up
5 stripers and 2 catfish. One bass was 29 inches and the rest were under 20
inches. Another customer was fishing the same spot and had 2 stripers both over
28 inches and 6 catfish. Up off Rhawn Street there were a couple of bigger
fish taken last week but I did not hear of anything this past week. But Princeton
Avenue has been the next Station Avenue. This spot has produced several fish
this year and fish up to 20 pounds. Station Avenue is still a good spot but
has been quite so far this year. Another good spot has been around the
Burlington Bristol Bridge. This spot I heard that there is no trespass signs up but it
has not stopped the guys from fishing up there. Weather they are finding a
place to fish other than under the bridge I'm not sure. But hey have picked up
several fish this past weekend up there and fish up to 18 pounds. Now all these
fish are being caught on bloodworms so far for the most fish with a few being
caught on clams and herring. Now for the catfish the best baits have been the
clams, herring and chicken livers. Now when you get to the Trenton area the
guys that are catching the few herring that are biting are doing very well on
stripers. But if you use bloodworms up here the fish that are hitting are all on
the small side. If you want the bigger fish you have to try and catch the few
herring that are biting and live line them around the bridges. I talked to
one guide that caught 12 herring down at the power plant and took them up river
and picked up 9 stripers from 21 to 35 inches. Another customer caught two
herring up at the railroad bridge and landed one fish on a live herring 24 inches
and then chunked up the other herring a landed 3 bass 18 to 21 inches and 2
catfish around 5 to 8 pounds. I think in another couple of weeks the herring
will turn on and this will bust loose at Trenton.

Shad is another fish that everyone is talking about. And just talking about
because there has been very few fish caught. Down at the power plant has been
the best spot with fish being caught when the plant is up and running. Now when
I say being caught I mean a fish here and there. Up at Yardley I had 4
different guys fish this past week. One was up on Saturday with 10 other boats and
not a fish taken. The other guy was up on Sunday with 12 to 20 boats fish and
he saw 4 fish caught with him catching nothing. Pat was up on Monday and there
were several other boats around again with no fish being caught. The last guy
was up yesterday and he managed to pick one fish up and saw 2 others taken out
of 6 boats. Everyone I talked to picked up the fish on shad spoons.

Back to the lower river for bass, crappies and perch. Several guys are still
fishing Dredge Harbor and doing very well on these three species of fish. They
are still fishing like they did all winter with live minnows, hair jigs,
twister tails, shallow crankbaits and spinner baits. The bass they have been
catching fish from 12 to 14 inches but the bigger fish have been the crappies. Here
most guys are saying fish up to a pound are not uncommon. The perch have been
decent size also with several fish taken this year 1 to 2 pounds. The same
holds true for Tullytown Cove, Warners Cove, Salem Harbor and the Neshimany

Some of the lakes up here that have turned on. Rohm Haas for largemouth bass
and crappies has really picked up. Several guys are fishing the shore line for
the largemouth bass with spinner baits, rattle traps and plastic worms. But
if you want the most fish and the biggest the guys that are catching the big
shiners and gizzard shad are doing the best. Some guys are netting these fish
and others are using sabiki rigs or real small hooks tipped with bread to catch
the shiners. Once you have the bait a 2/0 to 4/0 hook with a large bobber has
been the trick. Now the crappies have been further off shore and the guys have
been using minnows and meal worms fished under a slip bobber to catch the
most fish. The shopping center lake has still been slow but they are catching
some bass, crappies, perch and catfish in this small lake. Nightcrawlers and
minnows are what most guys are using here. A couple went up to Noxamixion last
Sunday and had a real good day on largemouth and smallmouth bass. They were
fishing the deeper ledges on the end of the lake by the dam. These two guys landed
17 fish from 2 to 5 pounds. They were using spinner baits slow rolling them
along the rocks and pig and jigs with the biggest pork rind they could find. In
south jersey Lake Lenape has been fantastic for pickerel, bass, perch and
crappies. And when the lake is off the Little Egg Harbor river is on. The lake
most guys have been using spinner baits, suspending jerk baits and plastic worms.
There has been bass caught up to 5 pounds the pickerel up to 22 inches and
the perch and crappies up to 1 1/2 pounds. Down in the river it is mostly
pickerel and perch. Here minnows, shiners, grass shrimp and twister tails seem to
work the best. A couple of guys were over to the Mulica river fishing for
pickerel in the cove across from the Crowley Landing ramp. They were out last
Saturday and before the storms hit they had over 20 pickerel up to 16 inches. All
picked up on minnows.

The saltwater action has been very good still but only when the weather let
you get out. I can't tell you how it must have been this past week with the
wind during the middle of the week. But some reports have been coming in. The
Cape May rips have been one of the hottest places if you want to catch stripers.
Some catches of up to 50 bass a day are being reported from here. Now allot of
the fish are 20 to 25 inch fish but they do pick up a keeper from time to
time. They have been using clams, bucktails and metal here. Up the bay at Reed's
Beach there have been some good catches of bass. I talked to one customer that
picked up 5 fish on Sunday with two over 30 inches. He also talked to several
guys that have been catching fish here for the past couple of weeks. All
these fish are being picked up on clams. Another guy was out of Fortasque and had
a real good day with bucktails and large fin-s fish. He boated 6 stripers 4
being keeper size. I'm not sure exactly where he was fishing. Up the coast on
Long Beach Island they have been having some good days for smaller stripers.
Here they have been using mostly clams but from time to time the fish are hitting
shad tails. And one customer was up out of the Raitian Bay and had a couple
of good days on stripers and even picked up a couple of bluefish. This customer
was fishing with eels, fresh clams and bucktails. He had 32 fish on Saturday
and 45 on Sunday. They had four guys on the boat and each day they all had
their three keeper fish with the bonus tags. Off shore sea bass fishing has still
been very good for bass up to 7 pounds. And on these trips they have been
picking up some cod, ling, pollock and mackerel. The blackfishing has been very
good but more on the inshore trips. The biggest and best fishing has been with
green or fittler crabs. But if you can't get either of these they have been
cutting up regular crab and some guys are starting to do well on the Berkley
Gulp crabs.

Well that is pretty much all I have for information and time. I hope that we
starting getting some more fishing reports coming in. It has been slow but
with the seasons opening and the weather getting nicer I see a change coming.
Good luck,

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