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Friday March 17, 2006

Well the first striper were caught in the river this past week. The farther
down river you head the better the fishing will be but they are now catching
fish as high as the Burlington Bristol Bridge. This past weekend they one
customer caught 4 fish at the 295 bridge 34, 30, 28 and 24 inches. Another customer
picked up several smaller fish at the art museum and one fish 34 inches was
picked up at the airport. Now in this area I heard of one 30+ inch fish was
caught off of Linden Avenue and a 24 inch fish was taken at Station Avenue. The
fish that was picked up at the Burlington Bristol Bridge was 28 inches and was
caught on a clam. The rest of the fish were caught on bloodworms ( of course ).
We did get our first batch of bloodworms in last Wednesday but I did not want
to post it due to the small amount we were able to get in. But we got a fresh
batch in this past Wednesday just in time for this nice cold front that has
came in. Now each week things will get better and better and the warmer it gets
it will help it along even more. And with things picking up I will be posting
each week now.
The catfishing in the lower river has been very slow but again with some
warmer weather this will pick up with the stripers. But there have been a few fish
picked up off of Camrac Street up in Bensalem. The couple of guys fishing
this spot have been using nightcrawlers, chicken livers and bagels. Most of the
fish have been holding up in the deep hole right off shore and have been in the
2 to 4 pound range. But if you have a boat and want to catch perch, bass and
crappies Dredge Harbor, Tullytown Cove, Salem Harbor, Warners Cove and Duck
Island have still been very good. Minnows and shiners have been the best baits
to use either fished on the bottom with a hair jig or just a plain jig head.
But some guys are drifting the bait under a slip float along the pilings and
doing almost as well. If you want to just use artificial the best has been pig
and jigs. Small Strike King rubber skirted jigs fished with a small pork rind in
frog or black has been working the best fished slow on the bottom. And some
are still using shallow crankbaits and slow rolling spinner baits. And the
upper river for walleyes has been a hit or miss thing. The main thing that has
been changing this has been the level of the water. The lower the river gets the
fish seem to move into deeper water where the bank fisherman can't get to
them. But when the river is up the wing dam at New Hope and Washington's Crossing.
Here they have been fishing with twister tails, hair jigs and live minnows.
With the river in a lower conditions with a boat you would be fishing down
stream in the deeper holes. One customer was fishing at Upper Black Eddy and
picked up a couple of walleyes and one fall fish on minnows. He as out in a canoe
fishing right below the access ramp.
Lakes in the area have been extremely slow. Several guys have been up to
Noxamixion and only a couple of them picked up fish. One guy had a 4 pound
largemouth bass on a spinner baits in 8 hours of fishing. He picked this fish up in
the first half hour. The other guy was fishing off the dam and had two smallies
both 15 inches on live minnows. He again fished several hours for these
couple of fish. Rohm Haas several guys have been up throwing plastic worms, rattle
traps, spinner baits and live shiners with no success. A few guys have been up
to the shopping center lake and have picked up some small crappies and perch
but so far that has been it. And Churchville has been good for numbers of
small crappies and perch but they have been small, really small!! One customer was
up to Lake Magnolia and picked up two largemouth bass, both were small and
were picked up on nightcrawlers. The only good spot for lakes but it is private
has been Penn Warner. These guys have been doing very well on some good size
largemouth bass, northern pike, crappies and perch. They have been throwing
allot of live bait, spinners, spinnerbaits, jigging spoons and rattle traps. But
remember these lakes are a membership only place.
Now if you have a jersey license the fishing down here has been very good.
All the lakes and rivers have been great for pickerel, largemouth bass, yellow
perch, white perch and crappies. Lake Lenape has still been one of the better
places to head for all these fish. In the both the lake and the river below the
fishing has been very good on minnows, shiners, grass shrimp, meal worms,
spinners, twister tails, spinnerbaits and plastic worms. Batso Lake has been very
good for pickerel and the Mullica River just below the lake has been very
good for crappies and pickerel. Union Lake some bigger crappies have started to
move into the cover. One customer was down last Saturday and picked up 25
crappies from 12 to 16 inches. He caught them all on yellow and chartreuse twister
tails. And a couple of guys were up to Stone Tavern and had a real good day on
Saturday on bigger largemouth bass and pickerel. They had 5 bass from 3 to 5
pounds all on live minnows. They also picked up 8 pickerel 14 to 19 inches.
Well the saltwater action is still there for the taking if the wind would
ever stop blowing. Last weekend the boat were able to get off shore and they all
did very well on big sea bass, small cod, ling and whiting. Deep water, heavy
lead with clams, mackerel and squid were the way of catching the most and the
biggest fish. But with the weather this is a hard trip to plan.
Well that is all I have for this week. I do hope now to be posting every
week. Please if you do get out drop me a line either good or bad so I can post in
the fishing reports. Several guys post each week and I thank you for that but
I would love to see a bit more support. Good luck and lets hope for some more
70 degree days to come.
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