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1 fish over 48 inches is ridiculous. That puts all the charter boats out of business and kills the tackle shops. This is a huge industry. After we had the moratorium so many years ago, when it finally opened up the regulations were 1 fish over 36 inches. This worked. The stock began to grow until they little at a time lowered the size until we got to 28 inches. So maybe we should just followed what seemed to work in the past, I think this will grow the stock and still keep the charter guys and bait shops in business.
I am not even sure if any of these figures are true, if these stripers are even over fished. The fisherman magazine post 2 studies of satellite tagged striped bass and both fish show data that they spent lots of time in the deep water, in the canyons. Nobody is looking over there for the fish stocks. Now that is only 2 fish. I think more of the same kind of studies need to be taken.
Also as for NJ they are allowed a bonus tag for a slot fish between 24 and 28 inches. This always blows my mind. They are all always worried about decreasing fish stocks BUT if you pay a fee it is ok to take an extra fish. This is bullshit. It is all about the money. Always about the money. They couldnt care less about the fish.
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